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Apr 18, 2014

Review A to Z – Paranthe Wali Gali

As I write today’s post, my mind tells me I am hungry (actually I have had food just about half an hour ago) and I think hard to think of something spicy, tangy, tasty to eat.

But in fact what I crave for is the paranthas from Paranthe wali Gali.
If you are in Delhi and you haven’t been to this lane in old Delhi which is famous for Paranthas, please make a resolution to go there this weekend.

Even I had not been to Paranthe wali gali for a long time during my stay in Delhi. Then while ticking my to-do list from LP (read my experience with Lonely Planet here) I realized I had HAD to go to this place.

A walking distance from Chandni Chowk metro station, Paranthe wali Gali is a crowded lane adjacent to the famous kinari bazaar.

The lane has several small restaurants selling deep fried paranthas. Yes you heard read my correct! The paranthas are deep fried. Take a deep breath my friends. It is not as bad as it sounds. Although, deep friend, these paranthas are not as oily as you imagine. There is another surprise waiting for you here. Forget about conventional potato and onion filling, this letting sets out to leave a memory with their unconventional fillings of jaggery, sugar or chili.

The whole experience of eating in this small lane could be overwhelming and the chaos in queues and heat around you could leave you in perspiration. But don’t worry, drown it with a glass of Lassi and enjoy the frenzied excitement of the lane.

Linking it to UBC and A to Z challenge.

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Apr 5, 2014

Reviews A to Z - Dine out at Ego-obsession

Recently I had a sister’s night out at Ego Obsession in New Friends Colony market in Delhi. It is a well-known place among dilliwallas. It is quite old and it is famous for its own kind of Italian.

It wasn’t the first time I went there and hopefully not last. I sort of like that place. The ambience is warm and cozy. One can easily get comfortable in dim lights and classics English songs. It reminds me of diners that they showed in old Italian movies.

Their menu is a wide one. It is one of the few places in Delhi which serves Rosti – something I absolutely love.  Before I proceed I would like to clarify that Yes, Rosti is not Italian, but I am not saying this place is authentic Italian. I am not an expert to comment on tastes of authentic Italian, but to me, whatever they serve is excellent.
This isn't a plate of my Rosti, but I found this similar looking pic on Wikipedia.

On our last visit, we ordered a Cannelloni, Pizza and Rosti.

The service time is good, especially when the place is not over crowded.   If you happen to visit often, you will realize that there are many others like you. The place has a fan following of its own.

It is indeed a good option to dine out in Delhi.

P.S. Zomato rates it 3.8. Therefore, if you believe in this website, I know you will look out for a chance to try it.


Linking it to UBC and A to Z challenge.

Have you found Shades of Life on Facebook yet? Please check it out here

Please take out time to read more about the featured blogger for the month of April here.

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Oct 14, 2013

Delhi Manifesto - corruption free Delhi

For couple of years, our country and our capital has been in limelight for corruption. Anyone, Indian or non-resident Indian can talk at full length on corruption.

We all uniformly believe that the corruption is a root cause of many problems. Be it mid-day meal case or lack of women security; poor infrastructure or terms with neighboring nations. We believe that somewhere it is because of our politicians who eat up the entire budgeted fund and do not do anything in country’s favor.

We stood in support of Anna Hazare, pledge to vote Aam aadmi party, shared viral information from wiki leaks but we didn’t change ourselves.

When a cop stops us for over-speeding, we give him a hundred rupees note.
When a cop stops us for drunken driving, we give him another hundred rupees note.
When our bills are due for long time, we pay the teller at the department to get it signed off.
When we don’t get permission from department, we pay under the table to get approvals.
When we keep a tenant, we pay to local inspector and don’t pay house tax.
When we are stuck, we ask someone to call someone who knows a minister and get things moving.

From an auto-driver to a businessman, each of us, we do our bit to encourage corruption and then blame it on government.
Sometime for hide our mistakes, something to smoothen the process, sometimes to just show who the boss is. We all are corrupt in our small ways.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

Oct 13, 2013

UBC Day 13 - A visit to Pujo Pandal at CR Park

I earlier mentioned that I was going to see pujo pandal with my friends in C.R. Park. CR Park pandals are the most famous durga puja pandals in Delhi. There are six or seven pandals in that area, each more beautiful than the other. With music, food, festivity and prayers, CR Park pandals are a must visit. 

At the K block pandal, there was a mad rush of people to get in. However, with some patience and resolve, we managed to get in. Here are some pictures from the pandal.

After K block, we went to try our luck at B block. We couldn’t manage entry there. However, we could see the idol from a distance. Presenting you a picture that a friend clicked.

Today being Sunday, I am taking a break from my story. Please come back to read the next part tomorrow.

Sep 7, 2013

Seven unique characterstics of Delhi

I am quite upset about the end of this festival. I have had a great time writing and reading. But today, I don’t feel like writing at all. Keeping in mind that this is the last post for the festival I decided to go a little expressive about the city I have come to love even after its unique characterstics that amuse me.

This is a personal list, so I hope I am not offending anyone.

Aug 2, 2013

An account of my last weekend activity - review of Ship of thesus and Tribute to Begum Akhtar

I have wanted to write about my last weekend for the whole week and finally I can do it on today. Nothing is more pressing today and I can happily write reviews of the two pleasurable shows I watched last weekend.

First was the highly acclaimed movie “Ship of thesus” which has made me debate from both the sides with my own self. Ship of Thesus is a paradox that questions about originality of an award winning ship, parts of which replaced over years. You can read more about the paradox at Wikipedia.
When I went for the movie, I briefly remembered the reason for the name. Kiran Rao has done a beautiful job by showcasing three lives in need of transplantation and the impact on lives of each.

Jul 13, 2013

A bit of everything at Meherchand Market

Today was one of the days when despite of the heat or the rain, I pick up my bag and get out of my house to explore a new part of Delhi and the destination was Meherchand market.

A website calls this market the new Khan market, another calls it Hauz Khas. Reviews were overwhelming and almost everybody called it a ‘rich mommy’ market.

I had seen a bit of this market while crossing the Lodhi Colony at times. It is right behind the India Habitat Center. (I guess many have noticed the CCD at the corner)

The lane isn’t very long, also there aren’t too many shops. It isn’t as big as Khan Market or as overwhelming as Hauz Khas. Shops aligned in a clean row along the pavement can easily be missed.

No hustling bustling of ladies, no cars struggling for parking, this place is quiet and fun to shop.

Like I said, there is a bit of everything – stores that you would identify from Khan Market or Hauz Khas or Shahpur Jat. Actually, I’d say I found the stores that I like in these places at one market. There are a few boutiques selling fashion, others selling accessories, there are a few of home décor and few with the cool stuff that we like to keep. There are a few café and restaurants, a coffee shop and a desert corner.

Drop in there on a Saturday morning (at least I did) and you will get the shop attendant’s complete attention. Be it for gift or for personal use, an occasion or just like that, explore this market and then maybe end up with a lunch at All American Diner at IHC.

Jul 5, 2013

Dhaba in Delhi– a place for chai, parantha and more…

Anyone who has spent the college life living alone in Delhi will know the importance of Dhabas in our lives.

For those who don’t know, Dhaba is the Hindi term for road side restaurant that sell anything from a light snack to a midday meal to cigarettes to hearty meals. At times they have a place to sit, they home deliver, car-deliver and you can take food on the go. They are economic, fresh and quickest option available. These are the places which Google doesn’t tell you about or Zomato doesn’t rate. However, these are the places where a good portion of youth of Delhi spends their evenings, having their meals and bonding with friends.

Having spent eight years in Delhi, I have had my share of Dhaba food that has helped me survive on the days and nights when PG food was bad, maid didn’t turn up, didn’t feel like cooking, no money to party big, alone and hungry, didn’t want to get out of the car to eat, wanted to eat Indian, watching diet but some too hungry, late night hunger pangs, etc. (my reasons to have food from Dhaba are endless)

 There are several preferences of Dhaba too. There are a few that deliver at my current place, there was one near my PG when I shifted when I came to Delhi first and there are few where I like to re-visit every now and then.

Jul 4, 2013

Coffee, chai and Delhi monsoons…

 Most of my life I have lived travelling and relocating in various cities. However, my major base for last 7 years has been in Delhi and I love monsoons in Delhi.

For those who haven’t experienced, monsoon in Delhi isn’t like Mumbai or Kolkata where pouring doesn’t stop for days. In Delhi, even in what we call the rainy season, we get to see rains only about once a day for an hour or two. Therefore, we never get bored of rains and welcome it with open arms and happy smiles (and with a cup of chai/coffee).

Jun 28, 2013

Lanes of Purani Dilli

Old Delhi aka purani dilli is like a different city within the boundaries of Delhi. As the names suggests, old Delhi is one of the oldest part of Delhi state.

Old Delhi is known so from the times of British rule in India, when Lutyen’s Delhi was developed in South West of old Delhi and named the walled city of Delhi, which was earlier the Mughal Capital as “Old Delhi”.

Few famous Delhi monuments, including Red Fort and Jama Masjid are part of Old Delhi. India’s famous meena bazar, one of the world’s biggest wholesale market Chandani Chowk, very famous Chor Bazar, market at Chawari Bazar are no less than a mystery to many.

Jun 27, 2013

An evening in Hauz Khas village

Hauz Khas Village is turning out to be a popular place for students, art lover, tourists and even party lovers.

Evenings, especially the ones with good weather can be best spent in the village. The village has variety to offer and there is something for everyone.

Jun 26, 2013

Street Food in Gk M block market- my favorite picks

I love street food. Everywhere I have lived, I have always found my dinner options amongst street food vendors in the locality. I find them convenient, easy to pick, quick and cheap.

I currently stay very close to Greater Kailash 1 – M block market. If you live in Delhi there is a almost no chance to not know GK market. Any auto rickshaw guy, from any part of Delhi can direct you to GK.

On the days when am craving for variety of street food, I find GK to be one of the best place. You can eat Golgappe and other variety of chat (pao bhaji, aalo tikki, palak chat,etc.) depending on your appetite from one shop near Prince pan.

Right next to it, is the famous “Momos Aunty” where you can try Veg, paneer or chicken momos. If you are diet conscious, you can also eat the wheat momos at Brown Sugar.

Brown sugar has variety of other snacks too (sandwiches, pasta, shavarma, etc.)

Next is a place which is amongst my favorite places. “The Green Wok”. The small stall with two chairs, the place serves quick but amazing Mexican wraps and pastas.

If you are the real diet conscious kinds, you can choose Subway and have one of their subs or salads.

But if you are like me, you will choose to try Bhelpuri. It is not the best, but you get Bhelpuri so rarely in Delhi anyway.

For my thirst and to handle spicy food I have an option of choosing between iced tea, variety of mocktails at brown sugar, cold coffee at Deepauls or the Lemon soda at Prince pan.

For indulgence, there are waffles at Deepauls or a donut from MOD. For weight watchers, there is a variety of frozen yogurt from cocoberry to choose from.

Talking about them, makes me hungry. Therefore, tonight my dinner will be some spicy momos, golgappe my favorite cold coffee and then a waffle.

Jun 24, 2013

Agrasen ki Baoli – a lesser known heritage in heart of Delhi.

 If we ask a common tour guide to list heritage sights in Delhi, it is a rare possibility that he will inform us about this one. Perfectly hidden from view, surrounded by towers, yet just around the corner from heart of Delhi Connaught place, Agrasen ki Baoli is one of many heritage sights that is lesser known to people.

Jun 23, 2013

My experience with a movie theater - DT GK2

This is something a bit strange. I have often read Movie reviews, an excellent movie, a good movie, an average movie and a bad movie. However, whenever I decide a movie with my friends, there one more thing that matters along with the movie review. That’s “the theater”.

All of us seem to have a liking for a particular movie hall in the city. My friend and I often quarrel over which hall to select every time we agree to go for a movie.

Therefore, here I am, writing my experience with a movie hall than the movie.

Movie – Fukrey

Movie hall – DT Cinema, GK-2

Show timing – 2.40 pm

My experience – First of all, why I chose this hall is because it is close to our home and had perfect show timing.

In the fast forward internet world, we are all used to convenient booking (I mean internet or tele booking) However, there was a technical glitch in the internet booking; therefore we had to go and pick the tickets in advance.

My ticket booking experience was uneventful and smooth as I was the only one on the counter. The guy behind the counter confirmed my row and seat and made a quick booking.

I took my tickets and went back home, only to return 15 minutes before the show timing. The show was houseful, resulting in a hassled parking. However, after parking we made our way to the theater. As there are no escalators or lifts, you have to walk up the stairs equivalent to two floors. Panting for my breath at the end made me think that it isn’t really a handicapped or senior citizen friendly place.  

As you enter the lounge is small but nice, and the service bay has two counters. The seating arrangement is divided into three sections. (I have realized that if you want the best experience; take the premium section, which is the middle section) The seat on the top few rows are slightly above the eye level from screen, making the experience uncomfortable.

The seats are small, with almost no leg space. (well, I shouldn’t discount the theater for less leg space, almost no multiplexes have those). But the seats are narrow. But if you like to pull your seat and relax on your back, the seats are ok.

The ads at the beginning and the interval are at minimum and you don’t have to wait endlessly for movie to start. The sound quality and picture are quite good too.

During the break, you have to face a long queue for snacks as there are only two counters. The staff is quick and efficient but not enough for the crowd. For longer orders they take the seat number.

My experience with the hall  - 3 on 5.

Jun 22, 2013

Walk through the flower market at Qutub.

 Soon after I first went to the famous flower market of Hanuman Mandir for the first time, the market was closed and moved. The flower market was somewhere around Gazipur and it seemed an impossible task to go there.
I have always loved flowers and my first walk though (actually second, first was Dadar market in Mumbai) left me fascinated. I wanted to keep going back there. However, with commonwealth games in picture, the security of the city became very important and therefore, pushed all such markets out of the town.
I was quite disheartened but couldn’t do much. For next one year I didn’t know of any new market where I could go, until on my way to office I saw this market from the metro. Next time, when I was driving down the lane I took a note of that place.

Jun 20, 2013

Garage Inc. - A hangout with friends

I went Garge Inc. for the second time. I went with a few friends. A place set up like an Amrican Diner, promising good food and happy hours.

It was around 6.30 pm and the place was almost empty. After depositing ourselves in the most comfortable seats of the place (which weren't bad at all) we quickly ordered some food and drinks.

The service was unbelivably crisp and fast. The music wasnt great but wasnt bad too. What I love about that place is the small open area for those who prefer to smoke. Only that I wish, there were some fans there.

The food was great and drinks were good too. I sat there for three hours.

It's a place that you can try if you are heading for a boy's night out.