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Dec 9, 2013

My favorite food items.

Theme for Day 2 of Write Tribe Festival of words is “Food”. I haven’t really written a lot about food yet. I am a foodie and how long can I not write about food. Here are my seven favorite food items.

1. Desserts – I have a big sweet tooth. As a result, I also have a few teeth missing. :p Seriously, people around me often joke that my main course is desserts. Be it chocolates, cakes, Indian sweets or candies, I am always up for it.

2.  Chinese – I love Chinese food. Especially the Indian version of Chinese food. The Manchurians and fried rice that come from local dhaba taste awesome. I love noodles – what we called as chowmien for a long time.

3. Parantha – I love paranthas. The thick red stuffed paranthas that come with loads of butter and curd are the best thing for breakfast.

4. Fruits – I can eat fruit on any given day. I can survive on fresh fruits. I get happy when I go to marriages and parties and find a spread of exotic fruits.

5. Chaat – Golgappa, papdi, bhalla, sev, bhel, etc. just the name make me drool. I look at street vendors and forget that my stomach has limited size.

6. Thai curry – A veg thai curry is something that I can eat for any meal. A tasty veg thai curry can make up my mood.

7. Ghar ka khana – Although there is a list above, there is nothing that beats homemade food and some old recipes by my mom. 

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Sep 6, 2013

Seven blogs bookmarked on my internet browser

Now that I have established that my attention span is very small, I guess it also gives me right to establish that my mood to write changes… therefore, I am not writing about one of promised topics but today I am celebrating my favorite blogs.

I have a practice. If I like a blog, I follow. And when I really like a blog, I bookmark it. I suddenly realized yesterday that I have full seven blogs on my favorites bar.

Sep 5, 2013

Seven super - teachers in my life

My original post planned for the day was seven people I love the most. But keeping in mind that today is teacher’s day celebrated in India; I change my post to seven teachers of high importance in my life.
Since everyone we meet, knowingly or unknowingly, whether we like or not, teaches us something, my post is categorized into groups who taught me a certain thing. This isn’t a first or second list, it is in the order of when I met them in my life.

Sep 1, 2013

Seven things I need to remember for a happy living

This is a festival of words, festival of seven. Seven is a unique number. Seven is a lucky number. Seven in many cultures is an auspicious number. It took God seven days to create the world. There are seven wonders in the world. There are seven deadly sins. James Bond favorite number is 007. I have lists of favorite seven.

For this festival of seven I will write my seven posts as follows –

1. Seven things I need to remember for a happy living.
2. Seven people I love/admire.
3. Seven places I want to travel to.
4. Seven things I hate about myself.
5. Seven things that I can’t stand.
6. Seven arguments for and against my country.
7. Seven interesting things about Delhi.

They probably won’t be in the same order, but here is the first.

Seven things I need to remember for a happy living