Jun 23, 2013

My experience with a movie theater - DT GK2

This is something a bit strange. I have often read Movie reviews, an excellent movie, a good movie, an average movie and a bad movie. However, whenever I decide a movie with my friends, there one more thing that matters along with the movie review. That’s “the theater”.

All of us seem to have a liking for a particular movie hall in the city. My friend and I often quarrel over which hall to select every time we agree to go for a movie.

Therefore, here I am, writing my experience with a movie hall than the movie.

Movie – Fukrey

Movie hall – DT Cinema, GK-2

Show timing – 2.40 pm

My experience – First of all, why I chose this hall is because it is close to our home and had perfect show timing.

In the fast forward internet world, we are all used to convenient booking (I mean internet or tele booking) However, there was a technical glitch in the internet booking; therefore we had to go and pick the tickets in advance.

My ticket booking experience was uneventful and smooth as I was the only one on the counter. The guy behind the counter confirmed my row and seat and made a quick booking.

I took my tickets and went back home, only to return 15 minutes before the show timing. The show was houseful, resulting in a hassled parking. However, after parking we made our way to the theater. As there are no escalators or lifts, you have to walk up the stairs equivalent to two floors. Panting for my breath at the end made me think that it isn’t really a handicapped or senior citizen friendly place.  

As you enter the lounge is small but nice, and the service bay has two counters. The seating arrangement is divided into three sections. (I have realized that if you want the best experience; take the premium section, which is the middle section) The seat on the top few rows are slightly above the eye level from screen, making the experience uncomfortable.

The seats are small, with almost no leg space. (well, I shouldn’t discount the theater for less leg space, almost no multiplexes have those). But the seats are narrow. But if you like to pull your seat and relax on your back, the seats are ok.

The ads at the beginning and the interval are at minimum and you don’t have to wait endlessly for movie to start. The sound quality and picture are quite good too.

During the break, you have to face a long queue for snacks as there are only two counters. The staff is quick and efficient but not enough for the crowd. For longer orders they take the seat number.

My experience with the hall  - 3 on 5.


  1. This is the first of its kind reviews :)

    Interesting take on the theatre. A Good theatre ensures you enjoy the movie to its fullest.

  2. I try to walk to the theatre. I am not really picky, but I have not have complaints at Vasant Kunj Promenade.

  3. Hi!! I want to visit with my mom to watch queen.... but i am not sure how is the crowd?? Is the crowd decent?? Please advice. I am booking for tomorrow

    1. Monika the crowd is a mix bag like any other theater. I think you can go there. Let me know how your experience was

  4. Thanks a lot for the review.!!!

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