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Apr 12, 2014

Review A to Z – Two bowls of Special K

All the ladies out there - have you seen the latest advertisement of Special K by Kellogg’s? You see Deepika Padukone’s slim waistline as she clicks a selfie and your remember your own. Don’t you?

Approaching the Golden thirty or the dreaded thirty (read my friend’s Richa’s posts here to know what I mean), our my metabolism is certainly not as great as it was when we I sported shorts and tees in college.

I went for my cousin’s wedding a few months ago and I kept hearing on how I had put on “little” weight. Now imagine what it would do to my much awaited holidays. This was January. I realized that I needed to do something about this “extra weight”

Desperate moments call for Desperate measures. I decided to “Diet” (now, let me clarify that I am a self-acclaimed foodie) and my version of diet is something like this - If it is salad, I need cheese dressing and if it is soup I need cream in it. Fries, junk food, eating out, cheese and chocolates form my daily diet. To shift from these to something else without compromising on my taste buds was a challenge.

There I was, exasperated and distressed when I bought a pack of special K. “Two bowls, two weeks and up to two inches lesser” “Hell yeah! Let us try” I told myself.

My first bowl I noticed, that it wasn’t all that bad to taste. I mean, one-it is sweet. Therefore, even without adding sugar or consuming it in Cold milk wasn’t bad. For breakfast, I am usually inspired to eat something Healthy but for dinner (where the major challenge lies) it pretty much substitutes main course like an extended dessert.

Few days of eating and I was bored and finished with the small pack. Again, despite the lack of motivation to eat more, I went to the store and kept looking at the box contemplating. The store keeper came to my rescue and offered me flavored K and with it came a free advice “eat it with fruits or nuts or add some muesli”

Well! This worked. There started my routine of eating a bowl of cornflakes and mix it with something or other for flavor. It is no longer a “diet”, it is alternate diet, and I look forward to it.

My waistline, well that’s not to be discussed, I haven’t kept off sweets and savories for a single day.

I think Special K is not for me because I can’t control the food I eat, but I guess that it is without doubt a tasty supplement if you plan to “diet”.