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Mar 6, 2014

The search for inspiration

For last twelve hours I have racked all corners of my brain trying to search for inspiration, while the inspiration was right there in front of me.

I blog (ha! as if it is a secret) and I blog mostly based on prompts and inspiration from others. Did it ring a bell? Yes, inspirations.

While there are many who inspire me in my real world, there are many who inspire me blogosphere.

Corrine Rodrigues – We all know her. Her blog Write Tribe (this post is also for that na!) constantly keeps supplying us the prompts and other reasons to blog.

Jairam Mohan – His research behind his each post is impeccable. He is my inspiration when it comes to planning and organizing. 

Richa Agrawal – Talk about someone who is active at all fronts. She blogs, reads, travels, manages groups on social networking websites, tweets and keeps bringing new stuff to the table constantly. You can expect her to ping you on whatsapp and remind you about something that has been due for a while.

Sid Balachandran – Have you seen his blog? Quirky, witty, clever, variant and lively.  A person who can manage social networking as well as blog if not better. You can count on him to remind, reply, comment on all posts on blog as well as Facebook. At the moment he is feeling inspiro-confused ;)

Sakshi Nanda – Did you get a chance to read what I told her after she guest posted on my blog? Well read this and you will know why she is inspiring - Thought I should tell you that I am still overwhelmed by your efforts to write a guest post, actively reply, publicize and manage everything else around the post. It was great to have you on my blog :) guest blogger ho to aisa :)

Well there are a few more whose content inspires me (and actually makes me realize how much I need to work) by how well are they researched and formed. But that’s way too long to put it over here.

Lastly to the one whose post was my inspiration to write this post.

Srilakshmi – Her post on the inspiration that came in form of her mother and her sister inspired me to write about those who in their un known ways push me to do better and bigger in the blogosphere.

Dec 26, 2013

Hello and Season Greetings from Hibernation

Hello! Season Greetings

One post short of my double century, I went into hibernation about fifteen days ago. Series of family and personal things (some good, some bad) are keeping me occupied and away from Blogosphere. Unable to fulfill commitments to fellow bloggers and on-going challenges I decided to give up my blog for a while and take it up only when I am at peace with myself. My hibernation continues but since I had some time today, I decided to peak out and say Hello to all my blogger/reader friends.

I am going to leave a short post/note that I wrote two years ago, shared last year, which later became my inspiration to blog.


I looked back to the tradition of Christmas and tales of Santa to ask myself, "In the present world who could be our Santa??"
Santa loved people unconditionally, and that what made him loved...Santa fulfilled all our wishes and that made him awaited...
I realize each of us have a Santa...a best friend, a sister, mom, or someone who loves us so much that they can do anything to see a smile on our face...someone who filled our goodie bags when we were kids... someone who gives us surprises every now and then... Someone who has made our life beautiful and has never asked for a reward.
I found and thanked my Santa this Christmas, did you??

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Sep 16, 2013

Am I Truely Alive?

This question here is- am I truly alive?

When I hug my mother and feel her warmth seeping into mine, I am truly alive.
When I kiss my niece and her baby smell fills in my nostrils, I am truly alive.
When I sit in meditation and the chant of Om fills my mind through my ears, I am truly alive.
When I am lost in the taste of a delicacy I am especially fond of, I am truly alive.
When I dress-up and someone admires lovingly, I am truly alive.

In these small moments, yes I am Truly alive.

This post is based on prompt "Truely Alive" by Write tribe.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

Sep 12, 2013

Blog for a cause

This is my first post inviting everyone to write. When Corinne posted about World suicide day on 10th September, I got a chance to write bout a cause that is close to me. Similarly, I believe that there is a cause that we all want to spread awareness about.
Either a bad experience or a good, it might have motivated you to work upon that cause. But in our daily life, we somewhere lost the inspiration to work upon it.

Today is the day that I request you all to write about the cause that is closest to your heart.
If you havent thought about a cause yet, you may pick one from below -

Child labor
Young marriage
Humn Trafficking
Suicides and depression
Medical conditions - AIDS/Cancer/Organ Donation/Blood donation/rare diseases.

Write about what you know about the issue, what you want to do, if you know of any inspirational work done about the issue.

Tag/label your post as "Blog for a cause"

Sep 6, 2013

Seven blogs bookmarked on my internet browser

Now that I have established that my attention span is very small, I guess it also gives me right to establish that my mood to write changes… therefore, I am not writing about one of promised topics but today I am celebrating my favorite blogs.

I have a practice. If I like a blog, I follow. And when I really like a blog, I bookmark it. I suddenly realized yesterday that I have full seven blogs on my favorites bar.

Sep 5, 2013

Seven super - teachers in my life

My original post planned for the day was seven people I love the most. But keeping in mind that today is teacher’s day celebrated in India; I change my post to seven teachers of high importance in my life.
Since everyone we meet, knowingly or unknowingly, whether we like or not, teaches us something, my post is categorized into groups who taught me a certain thing. This isn’t a first or second list, it is in the order of when I met them in my life.

Sep 4, 2013

Seven things that I hate in myself

Or I’ll put it like this…seven things I am trying to change in me.

More than once, I blame my nature and behavior to my zodiac sign. I am a Leo and being one I have certain good and bad issues with my personality. There are a few without which my life would be happier. Probably listing them down and getting to read will help.

Sep 3, 2013

Seven arguments for and against my country

In light of the recent debate upon depreciation of value of rupee, corruption, lack of security, etc. I often found myself loathing the nation that I was born in. I no longer remembered the moments of proudly singing the national anthem and saluting to our national flag. I started comparing my life to those who are settled in developed countries. But then amidst all this something happened – a discussion with a friend who is totally anti-India made me think that somewhere within me is someone who still believes in the greatness of this nation.

This post is a mere reflection of turmoil that goes inside my brain and maybe yours too.

Aug 1, 2013

Celebrating no post day!

Today is a no post day. Why? Because today I will pat my own back on completing the Ultimate Blog challenge and take the well-deserved break.

I have been waiting for July to get over for a while now. It has been a crazy month. I have travelled for almost 10 days in this month. Have had challenges with phone, battery, laptop and charger (thankfully not all at the same time). I have struggled to find topics, inspirations, ideas, prompts or contests. I have had a constant flow of guests who wanted to keep me away from my laptop and in the last few days I have had a feeling that I’ll soon be thrown out of my job.

Jul 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is the second last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (Yipeee!!!), and the most challenging day in the entire month. I have been on road since 5 am and the day is almost about to end. I caught cold and have a pathetic headache since noon. I didn’t have my laptop and my phone constantly had low battery alarm. (Thanks to the maps on smartphone). Therefore, here I am, managing to put a small post just before the deadline.

Jul 27, 2013

Providing drinking water by Suprio Das

When the slogan “Roti, Kapda aur Makan” i.e. “food, clothing and housing” was coined first, Indian sub-continent was a water abundant country and therefore water was not considered to be necessity that should be fought for. Science explains the requirement of water intake in our body.  
Suprio Das, in his presentation gives us a figure which explains that each minute a child dies in India due to water borne diseases. Even though 70% of earth is made up of water, researches show that every year the level of safe drinking is depleting at an alarming speed.