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Apr 18, 2014

Review A to Z – Paranthe Wali Gali

As I write today’s post, my mind tells me I am hungry (actually I have had food just about half an hour ago) and I think hard to think of something spicy, tangy, tasty to eat.

But in fact what I crave for is the paranthas from Paranthe wali Gali.
If you are in Delhi and you haven’t been to this lane in old Delhi which is famous for Paranthas, please make a resolution to go there this weekend.

Even I had not been to Paranthe wali gali for a long time during my stay in Delhi. Then while ticking my to-do list from LP (read my experience with Lonely Planet here) I realized I had HAD to go to this place.

A walking distance from Chandni Chowk metro station, Paranthe wali Gali is a crowded lane adjacent to the famous kinari bazaar.

The lane has several small restaurants selling deep fried paranthas. Yes you heard read my correct! The paranthas are deep fried. Take a deep breath my friends. It is not as bad as it sounds. Although, deep friend, these paranthas are not as oily as you imagine. There is another surprise waiting for you here. Forget about conventional potato and onion filling, this letting sets out to leave a memory with their unconventional fillings of jaggery, sugar or chili.

The whole experience of eating in this small lane could be overwhelming and the chaos in queues and heat around you could leave you in perspiration. But don’t worry, drown it with a glass of Lassi and enjoy the frenzied excitement of the lane.

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Apr 15, 2014

Review A to Z – Murugan Idli Shop

Well! It is no secret that I am a marwadi. Also, it is not even close to a secret that my food habits are of typical north Indian. I have grown up eating Chapati and potato. I have learned to eat in thalis and serve all gravies in bowls. I rarely eat rice.

Now put me in a place where all my meals contain rice (or its varieties), are served on leaves or foils and contain sambhar/rasam instead of Daal (which is not a usual practice as per my Tamil colleague). You would think I would hate it. Yes you are right, I had difficulty in most places except when I reached Murugan Idli in Chennai.

After an eight day trip to interiors of Tamil Nadu, my first evening in Chennai I avoided all sights of any south Indian cuisine. But by next evening my colleague was craving for some good South Indian (yes! Even he couldn’t relish what we ate for last one week) and Murugan Idli came with high recommendation.

As we walked down the Besant Nagar Church, we spotted the place that we were looking for.

The restaurant is simple and clean. Maybe it was the time of the day, it was hardly crowded. We took our table and waited for menu. A simple small menu was presented to us and we ordered some idli, vada and my favorite masala vada along with fresh juice. The food arrived in minutes of ordering. Although, I wasn’t really hungry, a few bites told me that I hadn’t had an Idli this good ever in my life. By the time we finished the food we had ordered, I was full but I still craved for more. After eating another plate of Idli and a filter coffee, I insisted on getting a plate of Idli packed for next meal.

The surprising part was as I saw the bill. For all that eating (read hogging) I paid just about Rs. 200.

I later got to know that Murugan Idli Shop is a famous chain restaurant in Chennai and they have branches in Singapore too.

My first experience with Murugan Idli was a fantastic and I insist on visiting there for a meal whenever I am in Chennai.

All my friends who have been to Chennai, have you tried this place ever?

Apr 14, 2014

Reviews A to Z – revisiting my town with Lonely Planet

All you wonderful travelers out there, I know lonely planet needs no introduction. One of the World’s biggest travel guide book publishers, are spread all over the world. Whatever might be your destination, Lonely Planet provides us all the relevant information like how to reach, where to stay, sights to see, things to do, places to eat and tips on travel.

On the risk of deviating from the topic, I would ask a question to all readers “Have you ever planned a trip to a destination and not found a lonely planet book, chapter or article dedicated to it?”

Okay! This post is not about reviewing the world’s biggest travel guide, it is about reviewing the usefulness of world’s biggest travel guide to explore your own city.

This was the time when I had first discovered the magic of I had returned from a recent trip and realized that by relying on LP to explore a city, I hadn’t made a mistake after all. On a particular day, I sat in office with a little free time and began to browse lonely planet Delhi guide.

Having lived in Delhi for little less than nine years, I consider myself with a good knowledge of the city. I know most ways, all popular tourist destinations, people and their nature and can give an advice to even a Delhi-ite.

But as I began to browse LP, I started to note places that I had either heard of or not, but never visited. With some reluctance, I made a list of places to visit and restaurants where to eat.

Some of these places from this list were –

Khari Baoli – A spice market in Chandani Chowk
Tibet House – A museum on Lodhi road
Agrasen ki Baoli – A step well near Connaught Place
Shankar’s Internation Dolls museum – Doll museum near Feroz Shah Kotla

Alkauser – A kabab vendor in several parts of Delhi
Gunpowder – A south indian food joint in Hauz Khas
Metropolis restaurant – A restro-bar near Jhandewalan
Sita Ram Diwan Chand – A chole bature vendor in Chandni Chowk

Over next year, one by one I tried most of the places from the list and each time I came back with a response “God! How come I didn’t know about this place yet?” I shared my experience with other enthusiasts and the response I received was quite same.

LP website has its advantages –

1. It is free.
2. The reviews are brief and exact.
3. The location and the other details are more or less accurate.
4. It is exhaustive.

My journe of exploring my city with Lonely planet has been completely fantastic. Have you tried lonely planet for your city yet?

Dec 9, 2013

My favorite food items.

Theme for Day 2 of Write Tribe Festival of words is “Food”. I haven’t really written a lot about food yet. I am a foodie and how long can I not write about food. Here are my seven favorite food items.

1. Desserts – I have a big sweet tooth. As a result, I also have a few teeth missing. :p Seriously, people around me often joke that my main course is desserts. Be it chocolates, cakes, Indian sweets or candies, I am always up for it.

2.  Chinese – I love Chinese food. Especially the Indian version of Chinese food. The Manchurians and fried rice that come from local dhaba taste awesome. I love noodles – what we called as chowmien for a long time.

3. Parantha – I love paranthas. The thick red stuffed paranthas that come with loads of butter and curd are the best thing for breakfast.

4. Fruits – I can eat fruit on any given day. I can survive on fresh fruits. I get happy when I go to marriages and parties and find a spread of exotic fruits.

5. Chaat – Golgappa, papdi, bhalla, sev, bhel, etc. just the name make me drool. I look at street vendors and forget that my stomach has limited size.

6. Thai curry – A veg thai curry is something that I can eat for any meal. A tasty veg thai curry can make up my mood.

7. Ghar ka khana – Although there is a list above, there is nothing that beats homemade food and some old recipes by my mom. 

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