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Feb 5, 2014

How do I tell her about you?

He cleared his throat before he began and she knew that she wasn’t prepared to hear it.

“Don’t say a word” She pleaded with her hands on his mouth.

He held her hands and pulled her closer.

He slowly said, “How do I tell her about you?

She could feel the fear in her eyes but she couldn’t do much about it. Even she felt a similar fear in her gut.

“We will tell her together.” She consoled.

He hugged her tightly and silently agreed to tell their 12 year old daughter that her mommy was fighting with cervical cancer.

        100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe


This post is based on Write Tribe 100 words on Saturday - 5 and the prompt is "How do I tell her about you?"

I know someone who lost her mother at the age of 12 to the beast. This post is small tribute to the lady. 4th February is observed as world cancer day. Linking it to Write Tribe initiative.

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Jul 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is the second last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (Yipeee!!!), and the most challenging day in the entire month. I have been on road since 5 am and the day is almost about to end. I caught cold and have a pathetic headache since noon. I didn’t have my laptop and my phone constantly had low battery alarm. (Thanks to the maps on smartphone). Therefore, here I am, managing to put a small post just before the deadline.

Jun 19, 2013 little bundle of joy...

On January 8th, 2013 God blessed my family with a little angel...she is my niece and my sweet heart. My family was elated and I could not wait to take her in my arms.

She is close to six months now, and my father is still in his semi-retirement mood as he finds excuses every two hours to come home from office and play with his grand daughter. I guess the world around me already knows about how much "obsessed" with her we all are...