Oct 14, 2013

Delhi Manifesto - corruption free Delhi

For couple of years, our country and our capital has been in limelight for corruption. Anyone, Indian or non-resident Indian can talk at full length on corruption.

We all uniformly believe that the corruption is a root cause of many problems. Be it mid-day meal case or lack of women security; poor infrastructure or terms with neighboring nations. We believe that somewhere it is because of our politicians who eat up the entire budgeted fund and do not do anything in country’s favor.

We stood in support of Anna Hazare, pledge to vote Aam aadmi party, shared viral information from wiki leaks but we didn’t change ourselves.

When a cop stops us for over-speeding, we give him a hundred rupees note.
When a cop stops us for drunken driving, we give him another hundred rupees note.
When our bills are due for long time, we pay the teller at the department to get it signed off.
When we don’t get permission from department, we pay under the table to get approvals.
When we keep a tenant, we pay to local inspector and don’t pay house tax.
When we are stuck, we ask someone to call someone who knows a minister and get things moving.

From an auto-driver to a businessman, each of us, we do our bit to encourage corruption and then blame it on government.
Sometime for hide our mistakes, something to smoothen the process, sometimes to just show who the boss is. We all are corrupt in our small ways.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with BlogAdda.com.


  1. We everyone are in some way or the other is corrupted and thereby adding fully to the corruption in India,The Scene here is if one stands against Corruption,there will be 10 standing doing corruption

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    1. Karanvir am not sure if I have understood right.

  3. Corruption is a vicious circle that never ends. We all are part of this game but there's still a ray of hope if people start with their own professions to be honest and this vicious circle will end one day. If the policeman says that no matter what I will not accept money from today and will do my job sincerely, if the milkman says I will not add water to the milk, if the grocer says I will not adulterate nor charge customers for fake products. When people know that someone is honest they too tend to change. Why to we visit some restaurants who provide top quality food because they have set quality standards with honesty. So, there's always a hope if we all make a beginning.

    1. I completely agree Fayaz. I hope we all do make a beginning.

  4. True.. we have this mindset of getting away with things however it might be.. as long as that Rs 100 note is accepted, Rs 100 will be given.. agree with Fayaz Pasha here, each of us has to change

  5. Nice article . and yes I agree that if we want a corruption free country then first of all we have to change our mindset rather than blaming the politicians.

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