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Apr 21, 2014

Reviews A to Z – R for Reviews

Hello Friends,

With this post we come to completion of two-third of A to Z challenge.

When I took up Reviews A to Z, I didn’t know what I will review. I had a title for Z and for couple of other letters.

In fact, on 31st of March, I sat clueless about the topic for A. My brother came to my rescue and did the first post. From that point on, I have only been discussing the A to Z challenge with friends, family and colleagues.

Therefore, today I decided to do a quick review of my performance in A to Z challenge.

¾     Well! It is not my first one month challenge. But it was toughest, since we were restricted by letters.
¾     However, this was one challenge where I well planned. I write every now and then and schedule.
¾     In terms of audience, I have received a versatile and highest number of audiences in this challenge.
¾     As a reader, I have begun to follow twelve new blogs and have read twenty posts a day on an average.
¾     I came across a few comments, which told me that my review helped them discover something great, which means my reviews weren’t a complete waste.
¾     And highlight of the month, I have had some wonderful bloggers doing a guest blog for my challenge this month.

With eight more posts remaining (some of them scheduled for this really busy week ahead) I think Reviews A to Z has been a thumbs up moment for me :)

Mar 28, 2014

Does the Camera See What The Soul Sees?

Did you miss the Travel tale on Thursday yesterday? On 13th we were discussing travel tips that went wrong for me, and to my relief I am not alone. This Thursday (oh well, Friday!) brings to us a guest blogger who has graciously decided to do one of her many brilliant travel posts for my blog. Divya Rai of A borrowed backpack is a traveler with a love of writing and photography. Also, of what I know her, she is a designer, an enthusiast, she is always trying out new things, experimenting, following her dreams and is pretty much good at what she does. Her blog has been featured in Hindustan times Blog of the week.

So now, without wasting much of your time, I pass on to Divya who shares with us, her thoughts on camera vs naked eye.


Camera, as we know, is a fabulous device that captures the moment beautifully, freezing the foot-prints of time for us. The joy it brings to the photographer and the subject, cannot be questioned. Or the smile it brings on to our face when we look back at those pictures re-living the moment, cannot be ignored. But the question is: how will you ever re-live when you haven’t lived it in the first place? If you can’t relive the moment looking at an image, isn’t it just a digital certification of the moment?
Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to undermine technology here. Or the happiness one experiences while clicking oneself, and their loved ones. Or, for the matter, the basic instinct of desiring acceptance from one’s peers and the society.  What, in fact I really wish to pin-point is our addiction to it. Essentially, the point from where one should draw the line between whether to let the moment flow, or freeze it.  
Ever noticed how you feel a “sense of deprivation” when the smart phone refuses to upload your perfectly clicked selfie, along with a ‘check-in’ that could have guaranteed a respectable number of ‘likes and comments’ on your favorite social media?  Make a very careful note of that feeling. It is a resultant of unhealthy mix of social and competitive edge to a skill called photography. It makes it all the more of an intruder in the emotional pattern of the occasion.

What happened to the old school way of living an experience? Of cherishing it with five senses, instead of trying to click the perfect photograph? When did we, on the way, gain the baggage of capturing the happiness instead of living it, thereby giving way to a complicated digital dilemma? In short, when did the camera become more important than the human eye and the experience it brings in return?
When I say ‘experience a moment’ what I really mean is the subtle intangibles of the occasion. An event is a series of moments that are woven with great intricacy. In between the consecutive moments, are the crevasses that a photographer forever struggles to minimize. And during this struggle, is the moment lost to a mix of the digital advancement and human behavioral-peculiarity.  How will the camera capture the languid tranquility of the breeze in a small town? Or the silent promises that the eyes make? Or the moment you fall in love? For me, life is in these moments that the camera’s sensor cannot capture, rest everything is a stain on the fabric of time. Trust me on that.

When was the last time you got over your ‘itch’ to freeze a juncture in time, instead of simply experiencing it? 
Ok. To get a better grip on the matter, let us do this little exercise:
 Take out your favourite photograph. Try and describe the moment in a way that I get to live it through your words, WITHOUT any help of the photograph. Tell me if you are able to convey the intangibles. If you are, then I must congratulate you for experiencing the moment too. Other than that, as I say, it is just a digital certification of the moment. 

I’ll state a real life example here. I know a fair number of people who went to experience the ‘Holi’ celebration at Vrindavan, in Uttar Pradesh recently. I too was one of the lucky souls who could attend both the events. What was highly blasphemous to the event was the aggression with which photographers were running around here and there, chasing the mirage called the ‘perfect shot’. I doubt if they could lose themselves to the jubilant festivity around them. I am sure they managed to click gorgeous images and love flipping though the album, but can they still smell the ‘gulaal’ in the air?
 It is all about that. 
Being able to smell the ‘gulaal’, long after it is all gone J

Dec 1, 2013

I believe - Guest post on The Philospher's Stone

My month old laziness comes to an end. I have written half of what I usually write this month. My muse has been sleeping most of the time. The only time my muse jumped out of it's deep sleep was the time whenever Richa Singh declared her new theme for the week.

So last Monday, Richa came up with this new theme for the week called "I Believe" I couldn't resist writing. I asked Richa if I can, and she gladly agreed.

I believe in love.
I believe in faith.
I believe in prayers.
I believe in hope.
I believe in Karma.  

Read more here

NaBloPoMo December 2013

Oct 1, 2013

Little (long) note of goals, achievements and awards

A new Ultimate Blogging Challenge begins today. 31 days, 31 post, one post each day… it took me quite a self-motivation to sign up for it. I remembered July and the nightmare of searching through topics, words and many times time and battery in my phone to do so. However, a round of conversation with my blogger friend Richa and I managed to sign up.

For last couple of days of September, I have been thinking about writing little achievements and goals.

For starters, somewhere in August I challenged myself to write 30 book reviews in 30 days. Though, the 30 days turned out to be 50 but with help of many fellow bloggers, I completed my last post yesterday.

September also bought me two little awards from my blogger friends.

First was Liebster Award shared by Meera of A Rat’s nibble. While sharing her award she asked certain questions…the answers to which go here –

1. What is the best word to describe you?
2. Tell me your wildest fantasy.
To sit at northpole
3. What scares you the most?
4. What is the best trick you think you have done to impress your crush but turned the other way?
I tried to draw attention by dropping the pen, but the teacher caught thinking I was cheating. It was a mess.
5. One ingredient for happiness.
Smile and let go.

Second award came from Ashish of My umpteen thoughts which was a Creative Blogger Award. I am frankly humbled to be sharing this, because if I ever have to describe my blog, creative will be the last word out of my vocab.

However, I’d love to share these awards with a few blogger friends.

Liebster Award – Preethi of A bit of this and that

Creative blogger Award – Richa Vikas Agrawal of The philospher’s stone and Nabanita of Random Thoughts

Moving on… I am sort of happy that I achieved my target of writing 30 post a month in September and reaching out to a target number of audience. Also, my first ever attempt on poem was appreciated, which made me really happy. Moreover, I resolved to start blogging for cause and encouraging others to do so. I hope I will get to read more posts on the same soon.

I am taking a little more pledge and moving on to explore the fiction writer in me. Starting today, I will write a story (how long I still don’t know) as part of UBC. I will need all the support for this story, and I hope you like it.

For my friends who share my awards… please take out time to answer my little questionnaire.

1. Describe why you blog in one sentence?
2. One place that you want to visit the most?
3. Which color defines you the best?
4. What is one thing that can cheer you up on a blue day?

P.S. This isn't my UBC post. It is just a mark of another begining. More like talking to myself and my friends here. Do come back to read the first post of UBC later today.

Sep 23, 2013

Day 26 - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Here comes another guest post for my project 30 days 30 books (which has now become 60 days 30 books, and is coming to an end with Thanks to wonderful guest bloggers who helpfully contributed to complete the project)

Nikhil shares with us a review of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury on his blog called “Aficionado”. In his post he says – “I am so glad that I finally read Fahrenheit 451. FYI I read this book sometime back & had this review scribbled down minutes after I finished the book but never got a chance to post it .But now today’s the day. No more delay.”

In addition to the above he praises the book with - “Writing is crisp though. This book never feels as if you are reading a classic(in a “doesn’t bore you” sense) because it is so fresh & way ahead of its time that anybody who prefers staying away from classics can also give it a try.”

A little introduction to the guest – In his new yet notable blog Nikhil is doing wonderful job of writing about books and movies he’d like to read/view or has read/seen. He has his opinions and he puts them across gently. His blog carries a lot of pictures of the book/movie he is talking about.
Introducing his blog he says – “A little insight to things that i feel is worth sharing/reading or let say "Worthwhile reading" as we call it. A Slice of everything is what you tend to find...”

Coming back to the book – Had I not come across this review I would have completely missed out reviewing a wonderful book that I read years ago. One of my first classics, I highly recommend this book to all who think that the classics is not their choice.

Sep 12, 2013

Blog for a cause

This is my first post inviting everyone to write. When Corinne posted about World suicide day on 10th September, I got a chance to write bout a cause that is close to me. Similarly, I believe that there is a cause that we all want to spread awareness about.
Either a bad experience or a good, it might have motivated you to work upon that cause. But in our daily life, we somewhere lost the inspiration to work upon it.

Today is the day that I request you all to write about the cause that is closest to your heart.
If you havent thought about a cause yet, you may pick one from below -

Child labor
Young marriage
Humn Trafficking
Suicides and depression
Medical conditions - AIDS/Cancer/Organ Donation/Blood donation/rare diseases.

Write about what you know about the issue, what you want to do, if you know of any inspirational work done about the issue.

Tag/label your post as "Blog for a cause"

Day 20 - The cuckoo's calling

Day 20 of project 30 days 30 project brings us the review of Robert Galbraith’s “The Cuckoo’s calling” reviewed by Rupertt Wind.

A mystery by Robert Galbraith aka J. K. Rowling was published earlier this year and our reviewer here says –
I would happily recommend the book as one of the finest mysteries I have ever read and when not viewed in the glitz and glamour of Potter, Mr Strike is a superior detective and a fine example of Miss Rowling Literary and Creative skills. Though slow to catch on the book itself is interesting, captivating and addictive.”

Ruppertt Wind who maintains a wonderful blog under the name of Pages off life proudly mentions that he has read 65 books in year 2013. About himself, he says, “Just someone who is one of a kind. A guy who really is destined for greatness”.

Check out the complete blog and read the book review here -

Sep 6, 2013

Seven blogs bookmarked on my internet browser

Now that I have established that my attention span is very small, I guess it also gives me right to establish that my mood to write changes… therefore, I am not writing about one of promised topics but today I am celebrating my favorite blogs.

I have a practice. If I like a blog, I follow. And when I really like a blog, I bookmark it. I suddenly realized yesterday that I have full seven blogs on my favorites bar.

Sep 2, 2013

Day-18 Stephen Hawking's Black Holes And Baby Universes and other essays

I am no longer keeping of number of days I am behind in my project 30 days 30 books. Having read over 500 books in my life, I am surprised that I can’t think of thirty books to review. Shame on me :(

But thank God that the world still has some goodness left. Therefore, I keep meeting bloggers who offer to share their review on my blog.

Here is another one from Adarsh. Through his blog Adarsh posts various reviews – books, movies and other stuff. Personal opinion – his movie reviews are awesome. There are also certain short stories and debates on current issues. All in all it is a nice blog which is worth a visit. Check it out here.

Through that nice wonderful blog, Adarsh has shared with us the review of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes And Baby Universes and other essays.

A collection of Stephen Hawkings interviews and essays is something that I would never be interested to read had I not come across this review.

In Adarsh’s words – “On the whole, "Black Holes and Baby Universes and other essays" is a very good read (at least for a scientifically non-inclined person like me). Hawking's writing is good and to the point, and his sense of mild humour ensures that all is not dull. Regardless of your agreement or disagreement (as in my case) with the statement from the book's Introduction I have quoted above, I would suggest that you go for this one.

Aug 10, 2013

Day 3 - Book Review of "How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded million dollar company" reviewed by Shrinidhi Hande

My today's post come from Shrinidhi Hande who has been more than kind to share some of the book reviews from his blog.

Shrinidhi is a Bangalore based IT proffessional who is travel enthusisat and a wonderful blogger. I believe he is an ardant reader too. He has several articles, talks and blog events to his accounts. You can read a bit more about Shrinidhi here -

In this review Shrinidhi writes a review of "How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded million dollar company" by Varun Agarwal.

Here is an extract from the review -

After receiving the book few weeks ago, it didn't get my priority for various reasons and I read it only this weekend. It turned out to be an insightful as well as entertaining read. More importantly, it is no joke or humor but real story by and large.

Varun agarwal is the author of this book. He is also the co founder of, an ecommerce initiative that sells school specific merchandise (like t-shirts) to alumnus of respective schools. The Book "How I braved Anu Aunty and co founded a million dollar company" is his experience account in overcoming personal challenges and setting up this company, which is now valued at over a million dollar.