Jun 26, 2013

Street Food in Gk M block market- my favorite picks

I love street food. Everywhere I have lived, I have always found my dinner options amongst street food vendors in the locality. I find them convenient, easy to pick, quick and cheap.

I currently stay very close to Greater Kailash 1 – M block market. If you live in Delhi there is a almost no chance to not know GK market. Any auto rickshaw guy, from any part of Delhi can direct you to GK.

On the days when am craving for variety of street food, I find GK to be one of the best place. You can eat Golgappe and other variety of chat (pao bhaji, aalo tikki, palak chat,etc.) depending on your appetite from one shop near Prince pan.

Right next to it, is the famous “Momos Aunty” where you can try Veg, paneer or chicken momos. If you are diet conscious, you can also eat the wheat momos at Brown Sugar.

Brown sugar has variety of other snacks too (sandwiches, pasta, shavarma, etc.)

Next is a place which is amongst my favorite places. “The Green Wok”. The small stall with two chairs, the place serves quick but amazing Mexican wraps and pastas.

If you are the real diet conscious kinds, you can choose Subway and have one of their subs or salads.

But if you are like me, you will choose to try Bhelpuri. It is not the best, but you get Bhelpuri so rarely in Delhi anyway.

For my thirst and to handle spicy food I have an option of choosing between iced tea, variety of mocktails at brown sugar, cold coffee at Deepauls or the Lemon soda at Prince pan.

For indulgence, there are waffles at Deepauls or a donut from MOD. For weight watchers, there is a variety of frozen yogurt from cocoberry to choose from.

Talking about them, makes me hungry. Therefore, tonight my dinner will be some spicy momos, golgappe my favorite cold coffee and then a waffle.


  1. I am not that much of street food fan but I really love momos especially pork momos...And when I have street food it is like with my friends and it is kind of a timepass or adda you know..:-)

    1. I am a vegetarian so no clue about pork momos :-p street food is part of my staple diet...

  2. I am programmed since childhood to avoid street food .. I love them self made or mum made ...I love almost everything .. but I can gulp a golgappa from the street hawkers
    frozen Yogurt my fav!!

    1. I can't believe that anyone in India can be programmed to not eat street food.
      Especially in your case, I guess you are from Kolkata. I can start a whole new series of blogs describing street food of that city...


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