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Oct 13, 2013

UBC Day 13 - A visit to Pujo Pandal at CR Park

I earlier mentioned that I was going to see pujo pandal with my friends in C.R. Park. CR Park pandals are the most famous durga puja pandals in Delhi. There are six or seven pandals in that area, each more beautiful than the other. With music, food, festivity and prayers, CR Park pandals are a must visit. 

At the K block pandal, there was a mad rush of people to get in. However, with some patience and resolve, we managed to get in. Here are some pictures from the pandal.

After K block, we went to try our luck at B block. We couldn’t manage entry there. However, we could see the idol from a distance. Presenting you a picture that a friend clicked.

Today being Sunday, I am taking a break from my story. Please come back to read the next part tomorrow.