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Apr 1, 2014

Reviews A to Z - A for Apps I love!

A to Z challenge is here! A is for Apps! My brother who is quite tech-savvy decided to come to my rescue and do a post to tell us about his love for applications and some of his favorite apps.


There’s a little techno-freak inside me. To pen down a review-sort post is a stringent effort of the same.
Somewhere I read, “I don’t need applications to tell me what my hair will look like or what’s the weather like outside!” describing an iPhone. I am writing this post on my iphone. I have my iphone full to its capacity with apps and other necessary things.

Well, to pick Apps I like from such huge list is a task with capital ‘T’.

1. Snapchat: To chat is old fashioned; to Snapchat is the new cool! As the name suggests, why would you express your say in few words when you can in pictures and words. When you are drunk and not sure that whether next morning you will be embarrassed for the picture you’ve sent. With snapchat you can click and send anything for maximum of 10 seconds. The recipient can view (only view) the picture for that time slot! The picture doesn’t get saved in either of the phones. Well, you can always type few letters to give the feel to the message. How cool!!

2. Instagram: Amongst the 10 other photography apps in my phone, Instagram is my favorite pick. It is a fine blend of artistic filters and social networking features. You can always post your insta-pics on your Facebook wall and get your friends to like and comment! You can connect your Insta account with other social accounts and connect with friends from all over. The artistic ability changes your boring pictures to cooler ones. It’s five thumbs up for its combination of photography and social networking app.

3. And its really a task when I have already spent an entire day to pick the apps to write about; I choose to put a list of other apps I like and invite others to use and review the same. Fair? :P
Amongst the top:
 Ø  Shazam: Find music on the go!
 Ø  Tune-wiki: Produce lyrics for your favorite songs.
 Ø  ibooks: Read on the board.
 Ø  2048: Puzzle yourself!
 Ø  Miscrosoft Office: the gift from Microsoft.
 Ø  Candy-crush: The game addiction!

PS: Mostly all my apps are free on the various Application stores. :D


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