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Dec 26, 2013

Hello and Season Greetings from Hibernation

Hello! Season Greetings

One post short of my double century, I went into hibernation about fifteen days ago. Series of family and personal things (some good, some bad) are keeping me occupied and away from Blogosphere. Unable to fulfill commitments to fellow bloggers and on-going challenges I decided to give up my blog for a while and take it up only when I am at peace with myself. My hibernation continues but since I had some time today, I decided to peak out and say Hello to all my blogger/reader friends.

I am going to leave a short post/note that I wrote two years ago, shared last year, which later became my inspiration to blog.


I looked back to the tradition of Christmas and tales of Santa to ask myself, "In the present world who could be our Santa??"
Santa loved people unconditionally, and that what made him loved...Santa fulfilled all our wishes and that made him awaited...
I realize each of us have a Santa...a best friend, a sister, mom, or someone who loves us so much that they can do anything to see a smile on our face...someone who filled our goodie bags when we were kids... someone who gives us surprises every now and then... Someone who has made our life beautiful and has never asked for a reward.
I found and thanked my Santa this Christmas, did you??

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very Happy New Year.