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Nov 24, 2013

Of what I didn't see

She had made me promise that I will not turn back and look at her one last time. I was leaving her and I didn’t know will I ever be back or not. I felt sad to leave her so soon but she displayed amazing strength. She smiled and packed my bags, proud of me and my duty.
I remembered her to be teary when my dad went for his postings and I felt a little jealous at her zeal to pack my things.

I hugged and left. Had I looked back, I would have seen her wiping her tears.

I have always been proud of our Army men. Although, I do not support wars, I have always admired the courage to take lives and give lives for nation. The hostile weather, rigorous schedule and distances from loved ones. I admire the mothers who let their sons join army. Salute to all those mothers who put up a brave face for the sake of their nation.

Based on prompt "Had I looked back"  for 100 words on Saturday by Write Tribe. The prompt this week has been provided by Nischala Murthy.