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Nov 17, 2013

You can never know it all

“So, you think you know it all?” He asked as he led us down the dark lane.

“Yes I do” I barked, getting irritated at this entire expedition to see a mysterious “bhoot” palace. I was more irritated at my friends who were scared and excited at this entire thing.

His instructions to be silent and walk in a single file were annoying me more.

“Are we going to play cricket?” I shouted. But he gave me a “Shhhh” look and pointed.

There stood a poorly lit huge red brick palace at the cricket grounds that we often played at.


So, you think you know it all? She asked.

I, completely sure of my belief in non-existence of spirits, replied, “No I don’t, but certainly that there are no spirits.”

She invited me to sit and placed a pre-prepared chart and a coin in the center.

She asked me to keep my finger on the coin with as much force I can and stepped back. She then asked me to ask a question, answer to which could be a yes or no.

Feeling rebellious, as soon as I did, the coin moved against all my force and stopped at “yes”.

 The above stories are based on Write Tribe  "100 words on Saturday." prompt  So, you think you know it all. This prompt has been provided by Jairam of Mahabore Mumblings. Do check his blog for knowledge, recreation, humor and more.