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Nov 11, 2013

Tweeting away- let's compete

We all love games, don't we? We had a good time playing Where is the A?. We had some witty responses and I personally had a tough time to decide a winner based on length. Therefore, I had to ask Corinne to help me out and find the most accurate sentence. We found Awasthi our winner and awarded her a beautiful badge.

Now it's time have some more fun. Here is a new game.

Most of you are on twitter. I am not. Why? Because I find the limit of 140 characters and hash tags challenging. There are so many things to be said and without using abbreviations, it is really difficult to convey the point.

 But since all of you are so good at it, why not try it in a contest?

Here are the rules - type a sentence using the key word (from the comment above you) with exact 140 characters (with space) without using any abbreviations, which is grammatically correct and makes sense. When you are done, give a keyword for the person who'll comment next.

We will try to find a judge for this too who can decide the wittiest and accurate post and give away a wonderful badge of "Tweet expert" for your blog.

Another thing - you don't need to hash tag here...

Key word for first comment - Narration (now you know, how to challenge others :p)