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Oct 27, 2013

Oh!I love him - 55 fiction for WOW - a tribute to AR Rahman

Oh! I love him. I said. Yeah! I love him too. My friend shrieked too, echoing my words.
It was hot, humid Sunday and we were waiting for our turn in front of the ticket counter. The ticket vendor handed over the tickets and said Wow! I love him.
It was AR Rahman’s live performance…

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Aug 2, 2013

An account of my last weekend activity - review of Ship of thesus and Tribute to Begum Akhtar

I have wanted to write about my last weekend for the whole week and finally I can do it on today. Nothing is more pressing today and I can happily write reviews of the two pleasurable shows I watched last weekend.

First was the highly acclaimed movie “Ship of thesus” which has made me debate from both the sides with my own self. Ship of Thesus is a paradox that questions about originality of an award winning ship, parts of which replaced over years. You can read more about the paradox at Wikipedia.
When I went for the movie, I briefly remembered the reason for the name. Kiran Rao has done a beautiful job by showcasing three lives in need of transplantation and the impact on lives of each.