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Apr 17, 2014

Review A to Z – Oh My God!

Oh My God! is one of those rare movies which I hear being mentioned every now and then even after two years of release. I was supposed to review a place today, but I made a last moment change in plan and chose to write about this movie as I heard two people speak about how it changed their perspective.

1. My mother called me on eight day of navratra and we were discussing what should I cook for kanya pujan. She agreed that there is no point in cooking halva and rather I should give some fruits and nutritious biscuits to these girls. A change in opinion I see. Credit – to a thought provoked by the movie.

2. A colleague narrated how he no longer offers milk packet to lord Shiva every Monday. He rather offers a fraction of that milk to the God and gives rest to a poor guy near his house. Credit – a revelation on wastage of milk shown in the movie.

I rarely watch movies and I consider myself as bad movie reviewer. Therefore, I avoid pondering over the message that movie provided and review until it is absolutely necessary. However, Oh My God! is not just a movie. It is a small revolution, a message to all. It is not just entertainment, it is thought provoking. Moreover, it is balanced.

Paresh Rawal is a wonderful actor and he has done complete justice to the role of Kanjiram. The bit on Krishna was a bit hilarious but it added life to the movie. Dialogue and script of the movie are powerful and leave a long lasting impression.

But if you are thinking it is a comment on religion, you are mistaken. It is not a question on existence of God or comment of any religious belief. It evaluates each religion in a neutral light and only questions the elaborate practices that take place in name of religion.

It isn’t easy to make a movie that is balanced to all religion, but even being a Hindu, I didn’t feel it was anti Hindu and one has to admit that it displayed truth and nothing else.

As a three hour movie for which I shelled out a good portion of my entertainment budget, it is a paisa vasool. It is a remake of Man who Sued the God but I haven't seen it. Have you seen either of the two movies? What is your opinion?

Linking it to UBC and A to Z challenge.

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Oct 16, 2013

Are you denied of your Human rights?

I am taking part in Blog action Day and theme for this year is Human Rights

I thought at length about what exactly I can write on this topic. I have been advocate of human rights at workplace in my career and I choose to work in the same field. Each day we train and educate workers about their basic rights as human being. We actively campaign against any form of slavery, bondage, harassment, torture, child labor, etc.

I wanted to write something about workers, so I started with the same, but could never finish it. There has been so much said and done about what should be done to protect human rights, I had nothing more to add.

As per UN Declaration of human rights there are thirty human rights. These thirty rights are translated into seven fundamental rights of India. You can read more about each right at blogs of my blogger friends - Shilpa and Kajal.

Just in the time when I was giving up, I got into a discussion about why human rights? Do we need them? If no, why we have them? Someone argued that they are so basic that it doesn’t make sense to have them; any free willing society will anyway support such rights of human being, therefore no need to have them declared and built into the constitutions. I argued back that since we have always had these rights, we probably don’t know why each of them needs to be legalized moreover even now many rights are denied to many citizens either by ignorance or by will, which in both cases is an offence.

There started a conversation on denial of human rights. In what form it may exist and where?

When a girl child is treated badly because her brother is more important, it is denying the right of equality.
At workplace, when a boss picks up a colleague and promotes him not on merit but because he belongs to same religion, it is discrimination.
When a female fetus is aborted, it is refusal of life.
When a worker is made to work under worst conditions, against no pay, its slavery.
When women are abused or raped, it is torture.
Murder in name of honor killing is denial of right to recognition.
When an offender can be saved on the basis of bribe, it is inequality and lack of protection by law.
When in name of protocol, when members of a particular faith are detained without proof, it is unfair detainment.
When the same man is charged penalty without a trial, it is denial of his right to fair trial.
When an MMS on a person’s private life is circulated without his knowledge it is denial to his privacy.
When an employer keeps the passport of an employee under custody, it is denial of his right to move.
When citizens of a country cannot seek refuge in another, it is denial to his right to choose a safe place.
When an author is denied citizenship on the basis of his views offensive to a particular community, it is denial of his right to nationality.
When a woman is forced into marriage she is not willing for, it denial of her right to marriage and family.
Theft or robbery is denial of right to own things.
When a journalist is abducted for making an offensive cartoon it is denial of his right to think and express.
When silent protesters are charged with tear gas and baton, it is denial of their right to assemble.
When a ballot is counted unfairly, it is denial of democracy.
When a person is denied is his pension, it is denial of his social security.
When a worker is continuously denied his weekly rest days, it is denial of his right to leisure.
When a man dies of hunger, it is denial of his right to food and shelter.
When a child is made to labor, it is denial of his right to education.
Plagiarism is a denial of right to copyright.
When a person is denied any of his basic rights, it is denial of his right to fair world.

I don’t think these issues are extinct or never heard of. In our world, where most people are aware of our rights, every now and then someone is denied of his/her human rights and when we talk of human right we talk as if we are above them and we no longer need these as laws.

What do you think of human rights?

Sep 4, 2013

Seven things that I hate in myself

Or I’ll put it like this…seven things I am trying to change in me.

More than once, I blame my nature and behavior to my zodiac sign. I am a Leo and being one I have certain good and bad issues with my personality. There are a few without which my life would be happier. Probably listing them down and getting to read will help.

Sep 3, 2013

Seven arguments for and against my country

In light of the recent debate upon depreciation of value of rupee, corruption, lack of security, etc. I often found myself loathing the nation that I was born in. I no longer remembered the moments of proudly singing the national anthem and saluting to our national flag. I started comparing my life to those who are settled in developed countries. But then amidst all this something happened – a discussion with a friend who is totally anti-India made me think that somewhere within me is someone who still believes in the greatness of this nation.

This post is a mere reflection of turmoil that goes inside my brain and maybe yours too.