About me

I am a reader, an amateur writer, a dreamer, a competitor, a blogger.

I am extremely talkative and love to express my views or questions on things I know or I don't. This blog here a bit of dreams, stories, imaginations and wonders. This blog helps me to express myself more clearly than I can think in a rapid conversation.  Most of my posts are conversations, waiting for your response.

I began blogging in April, 2013 and have been loving it since then. Most of my post tell you a bit more about me. Till then, I leave you with my favorite lines.

I am wrong and I am right,
I Crawl and I fly.
I love and I hate,
I live my life learning.
I am what I am...
A human in making


  1. Ha ha...exactly for this reason, after undergoing a number of plights and deadly predicaments finally I have eschewed my alluring look sporting smartphone and went for a sturdy dumb phone, that won't let me down like this.

  2. Hi Sugandha,

    Please provide me your contact information. I found your blogs really interesting.


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