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Feb 21, 2014

Better late than never

She was late. No, she was too late.

The conference had begun. The door squeaked slightly as she opened the back door in the auditorium. All eyes turned. “Damn! Why does the door have to have a problem only today?”

She quickly scanned the room for an empty seat and took the nearest keeping her eyes down. Seconds later, she mustered up the courage to look up only to meet a pair of eyes still staring at her. Her temporary Boss’s. He raised his arm and pointed towards his wrist, and his brand new Rolex.

“How I wish I could destroy his watch, no, I wish I could un-invent these watches altogether. I mean look at this little shitty things, strapped on your wrist like a rope around neck. All of us are running around these like slaves.” She thought.

A fresh set of presentations had just begun. She looked at them and wondered what was going on. It made no sense.

Her thoughts wandered to the conversation that  was likely post conference. “This boss is probably going to complain to the hiring agency about me. Why? Of course because of that damn watch.”

“Seriously, could someone please un-invent these watches? They are the most useless things I tell you. Imagine a world without these non-sensible things. There would be no alarms. Mom won’t wake me up every morning eight o clock. No boss would ever show me these expensive things. Friends would not call me every now and then and tell me how many minutes late I am. Wow! The world will be so much more peaceful… And Rolex, these big devils. They are like sharks of the watch industry. These men need their excuses to flaunt them. But frankly, they are the most hideous things I have seen. They are as big as a clock and all that gold and stones make it look like a handcuff. Like as if the wearer says that hey you! I have got all that gold, but I can’t put it anywhere so I put it in my watch.

Can we still not live with Sun dials? I mean look at them. They are simple things. They tell us day and night, time to work and time to sleep. How amazing it would be to announce – meeting will begin sharp at the moment sun is at our head. I will meet you as soon as I cannot see the sun… yeah this would be pretty cool. And all these powerful men. The world would be a step closer to equality with no one flaunting their little time machines. It would be just genius. I should get the government to ban further production of these silly minions of slave master time. ”

“Err! Yeah I am here.” The lights were on, and boss was calling her name and she jumped from her seat responding.

“What are you thinking Sanya?” boss fumed in anger.

“I was thinking about the watch… no sorry I mean about the presentation sir” she flushed.

“Watch? Were you thinking about my watch? You like it?” His anger seemed to be melting.

“Not exactly…” Sanya began, looking at his face she continued, “but your watch is quite nice sir. It is a limited edition if I am not wrong.”

“Oh yes. My brother in-law, you know him right? Well, he managed to get it for me in the bid. There are just twenty-five of these kinds. This belonged to Sir Alec, it was in the auction. I was lucky I got this.” He looked at his wrist proudly, his anger evaporated, so did the reason for the discussion.

Some Mr. Marini joined in. “Hey! Berkley, meet Sanya, my temporary assistant.” Boss beamed. “She loves watches. Can you believe it? And she has genuinely good knowledge of watches; she even knew mine is limited edition.” Boss continued happily.

“Oh yes! I love these things. I think watches are the greatest adventure. They help us record the most precious thing in this world, time. They help us make time our slaves. And Rolex, I think if other brands are the world, Rolex is God. It makes it’s man I believe.” She chipped in happily.

Mr. Marini seemed impressed. “I have been looking for an assistant. John, do you mind if I ask your temp to come join us?” Marini asked.

John seemed too happy to bother anything at the moment.

Marini took out his card and handed it to her. It was Sanya’s turn to get surprised. The card said, “Gian Marini, CEO Rolex inc.” 



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