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Dec 8, 2013

Memories of the year that’s about to end

2013 has been a wonderful year, and I feel that there is no better way to start the Write Tribe festival than to write down seven wonderful memories of this year.

1. 8th January, 2013 my niece was born. She is an apple of my eye. I have never loved kids as such until I saw her. I adore her. She is the only person in the world whom I love even when she is naughty.

2. We celebrated my uncle’s 25th marriage anniversary and my niece’s baby shower back to back. It was so much fun. One of the best weeks I had.

3. April, 2013 I began blogging. Once again. It felt wonderful. I began with a lot of apprehensions but received plenty compliments and encouragement to continue.

4. This summers, I got inked. I carry a tattoo that says Love Faith Hope.

5. I completed two successful years at work. I resigned earlier this year, but thankfully I stayed back.

6. I met someone fabulous. No, not all people we meet remain with us for all our lives but little time that we spend with those wonderful people changes our life.

7. My best friend got married. It was a mixed feeling to see a friend who sat next to me in school, sitting next to the guy she got married to.

I hope 2013 has been a good year for you too and 2014 brings more happiness in all our lives.

What is your favorite memory of 2013?

This post is written for Write Tribe's festival of words 2. Theme for day 1 is Memories.

Linking it to NaBloPoMo.

Oct 7, 2013

Friends are forever

I am participating in Ultimate Blog Challenge and writing a story as part of daily post. Having written the post for the day, I was more or less done for the day.

However, then I came across the prompt from Indibloggeshwaris and couldn’t resist.

Rightly said, friends are the family we choose. And my family that I have chosen to live with for past two years is my roommate.

There are so many moments that I can think of when I think of this girl. One of the most hilarious ones is when a friend hopelessly tries to pit us against someone as a joke and we rather bash him up.

Friends, whom we live with, become more like our sisters and our family. As much as we do appreciate our space, we miss them when they aren’t around.

Good music, good food, good wine and good times. What else does one need when you have a good friend as a roommate?

Love you girl.


Well, my post on friends won’t be complete without posting anything for my two lovely ladies who are now happily married and are busy with their lives.

No matter how far our childhood friends maybe, there is never a distance between hearts. No matter how seldom we speak, there is never any communication missed.

These are the girls whom I have grown up with and against all evens and odds our friendship has lasted.

They know my secrets, my embarrassing tales. We have been with each other through crushes, love, breakups and patch ups. We have driven each other crazy and cried over silly fights. There are countless memories that we together smile at.

Friends who are there forever.

Sep 23, 2013

If only you were here...

So many stories untold,
So many sagas unheard.
So many songs unsung,
So many minutes unloved.

If only you were here,
I’d tell you what you mean to me.
If only you were here,
I’d share my dreams and fantasy.

Each day I miss you,
Every night I cry.
If only I knew,
While I continue to try.

The distance between us,
Cannot be measured in miles,
Life and death did not part,
But I couldn’t control your heart.

If only you remained,
I’d tell you no lies.
If only you were here,
I’d give you my life.

(My first attempt at a poem, written in one go without editing, ending only at 99 words...written for Write Tribe 100 words on saturday. Based on the prompt "If only you were here"
100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

Sep 16, 2013

Am I Truely Alive?

This question here is- am I truly alive?

When I hug my mother and feel her warmth seeping into mine, I am truly alive.
When I kiss my niece and her baby smell fills in my nostrils, I am truly alive.
When I sit in meditation and the chant of Om fills my mind through my ears, I am truly alive.
When I am lost in the taste of a delicacy I am especially fond of, I am truly alive.
When I dress-up and someone admires lovingly, I am truly alive.

In these small moments, yes I am Truly alive.

This post is based on prompt "Truely Alive" by Write tribe.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

Aug 29, 2013

Tale of tangy mango pickle

I received a package from home. Someone was visiting so my mother decided to pack a few things for me. We sibling often call it as “Maa ka Pyaar package”. The package usually contains some food items, maybe some clothes that she bought for an occasion, some cash as blessings and a letter.

I know we are in 21st century and almost every Indian who can afford a decent meal can afford a phone connection. I speak to her each day, but we still prefer to write letters time to time.

Each time I get to know that there is a package coming, I can hardly wait. Food items are always a surprise and as always mom knows the likes and dislikes best.

So today it was. I received the package through my uncle and I could hardly contain my excitement. I could already smell the oil and tangy mango pickle. Summers have just gone by and she must have made some fresh pickle.

Aug 4, 2013

To the girls I love the most...

Some of my posts in July have revolved around my best friend’s wedding and this friendship day (otherwise I find the concept a bit over-hyped) I get a bit nostalgic over the years spent with the friends who have been with me through most of my life.