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Oct 10, 2013

Letter unsent - Feelings I never penned

Dear R,

When exactly you came in my life, I don’t remember. All I do remember is how slowly, eventually I started admiring you. Every time I saw you, you were in those same clothes inside that same box.

I started to admire you as I began to understand your work. There were many who admired you back then, and there are many now. People talked about you fondly. They had respect for your job and your excellence at your work.

You did falter at times, but I always believed that it was just not a good day. I captured every glimpse, kept a part of every appearance in my small note book. Your silent face and subtle smile, had captured my heart.

When I grew a bit more independent, I attempted to get into the box to have a closer look. But you were in center of the box and I realized that I could probably not be inside the box.

One morning I read that you were getting married. My heart shrunk. But what could I do, I couldn’t have stopped you, I was a child and you were out of my reach.

My best moment came when I met you. Just for a moment, when you appeared amongst all the lights and camera and shook my hand. An autograph from you made me day (actually week).

Slowly, eventually I understood. Probably that’s about growing up. You reduced your responsibilities, resulting in lesser appearances.

A few days back you were in discussion once again. They said that it was your last appearance. The discussed your clothes, that blue jersey of Indian Cricket team. They call you “The wall” and they cheer for you “Dravid”.

All I want to tell you that we will miss your appearance in that box, the so called “idiot box”. Many of us really had a big time crush on you.

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Sep 30, 2013

Letter unsent - letter to my darling sister

My dear Vani,

I got a prompt to write a letter to my sibling/closest cousin and well! I could only think of you.

With our age difference and lives in different hostels, we hardly ever spent our childhood together. My memory of our childhood together is mostly limited to summer breaks where all of us would meet once a year under the roof of our mother’s childhood home.

When you shifted to Delhi in order to complete your graduation, my first thought of that was of indifference. However, after initial shock (on your part) and indifference (on my part) we graduated to being more friends than sisters.

In last five years, I have shared with you all my secrets and embarrassing stories. I have had so much fun staying up late, eating/munching and chatting. I love the memories of times I spent walking around the GK market with you. Especially the winter evenings, with a coffee cup in hand, endless conversations while we took rounds of the park.

Last couple of years; you haven’t been as close as earlier in terms of actual distance but it hasn’t made much difference. For all I know, you are the first person I would call if I am extremely happy or extremely distressed. And we both know that it is both ways.

My dear sister, I have never said it in so many words, but you mean a lot to me. I love you. I would like to assure you once again that I am there if you ever need me. You can count on me like I can.

Love you,

Aug 9, 2013

Letters unsent - letter to my best friend/s

Dear Best Friend,

Or should I say best friends? It has always been a challenge for me to describe best friend as singular. In my journey called life I have shifted many places and each new place has given me a new set of friends. Amongst this each new set of friend, I have somehow many to always find at least one best friend which has left me with a list of best friends rather than one particular best friend.

One of you best friends always questioned and criticized me on this point and did not understand how “Best” which is superlative can be plural. I have wanted to explain you that as many people I meet in every new space, I leave behind a trail of familiar faces, happy memories and friends who have set out to different journey than mine.