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Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year - "Resolution Kya Liya?"

Another old post. Someone bumped it up on my wall and it seemed to resonate with my mood this year. This is the answer to most commonly asked question every new year. No offence to anyone's resolution but this is what I feel.

Hoping whatever your resolutions may be - you are granted with strength and the means to fulfill the same. Wishing all my readers a wonderful and blessed New Year


Yesterday i got in touch with a lot of my friends and family members to wish each other the arrival of the new year.. whole day yesterday, as i answered my phone, the opening statement was a very cheerful "happy new year"(i hope i get some more calls today...)and what followed more was an inquisitive question: Resolution kya liya?? My answer to most of them was "nahi ya..kuch nahi"

So eventually i decided to get into the league and see what can be my new year i followed my friends footsteps to find out others resolution...made some calls...wished them new year and asked "Resolution kya liya??" the answers i got were like...From "smoking chod dunga...job dhoond ke rahoonga, is baar padhai mein jyada mann lagungi, saal ke end tak shaadi kar loonga" to "is saal to main naya bf dhoond hi lungi, yaar is saal main apne coaching wali us bandi ko propose kar hi dunga, is saal ke end tak main indepedent settle ho jaunga, etc etc etc..." (bohot lambi list hai, apka kuch special ho to please bata dena)...
After listening to various resolutions...i figured out resolution lene ke funde...
1. Resolution are all about our benefits.(me main mera...mera kya hoga)
2. Resolutions are anything random which we guess no one will remember...(smoking chod dunga and the league)
3. Resolutions are all those statements which sound impossible to others...(saale bada aaye... smoking chod ke to dikha...paanch saal se keh raha hai..)
4. Resolutions dont mean anything...not to us not to others...its just a way to find out how bad is your hangover...(ans: umm...hmmm..sochta hun yaar=very bad, haan yaar hai ek do...dekhte hai= little bad, yaar maine to soch liya hai iss baar main boss ko dikha dunga ki mujhe better job mil sakti hai=sober but frustrated that he couldn't drink last night...)

All these resolutions and their interpretations got me thinking the importance of new year resolution...i just wonder that can our new year resolutions should be about others...a little more simpler...a little do-able...something like...i'd try touch more hearts...sit for some more time with mum and tell her how much i love her...give a little more surprises to my partner/ spouse, shell out a little more than my share of money if my friend is going through hard time...i will stop judging people by their money, car, clothes, house, etc....i will try give out some time/money to some charity, organization needy and make them feel they have equal right to be happy...something like...i will work more on the issues close to me...follow what my heart says.. not what someone like dad's friend's brother's son would say...make one person smile a day...try not to break my parents/sibling/ friends/ spouse/ girl/boy friend's heart by trying to be a rebel...
I will try just be my mum taught me to...and if this is acceptable...these are my new year resolution...

P.S. (no offence to smoking chod dunga and other resolutions...they are just references) 

Happy New Year to All

Dec 26, 2013

Hello and Season Greetings from Hibernation

Hello! Season Greetings

One post short of my double century, I went into hibernation about fifteen days ago. Series of family and personal things (some good, some bad) are keeping me occupied and away from Blogosphere. Unable to fulfill commitments to fellow bloggers and on-going challenges I decided to give up my blog for a while and take it up only when I am at peace with myself. My hibernation continues but since I had some time today, I decided to peak out and say Hello to all my blogger/reader friends.

I am going to leave a short post/note that I wrote two years ago, shared last year, which later became my inspiration to blog.


I looked back to the tradition of Christmas and tales of Santa to ask myself, "In the present world who could be our Santa??"
Santa loved people unconditionally, and that what made him loved...Santa fulfilled all our wishes and that made him awaited...
I realize each of us have a Santa...a best friend, a sister, mom, or someone who loves us so much that they can do anything to see a smile on our face...someone who filled our goodie bags when we were kids... someone who gives us surprises every now and then... Someone who has made our life beautiful and has never asked for a reward.
I found and thanked my Santa this Christmas, did you??

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a very Happy New Year.