Mar 3, 2014

A dream that never came true

She had called her father twenty times by the time they reached airport. Her mom reasoned that he must be still in office and they were way too early.

All thanks to her excitement. Her dreams of visiting Disneyland were coming true. Ever since she was four, when she first saw pictures of her cousins visiting Disneyland, it was her dream destination. Twelve years after that, it was finally coming true.

Her mom had surprised her with three tickets to HongKong and Disneyland for her sixteenth birthday.

Everyone teased her that at her age she should have grown out of that childhood fantasy, but it was as strong as ever. Disney was the start to her dream of being an animator and at sixteen she was crystal clear towards her ambition to work for Walt Disney.

They checked in swiftly and waited for her dad to arrive before they proceeded for security. Little more than an hour was left to board their flight.

Her enthusiasm was slowly giving way to worry. Forty minutes to boarding and still no sign of her dad. His phone was now switched off.

Thirty minutes to boarding, they called his office. They explained he was on leave. Twenty minutes to boarding, they passed through security and emigration.

Keeping their fingers crossed, they checked with his colleagues and friends. No one knew where he was.

They were announcing their flight. However, neither of them could move without her father.

Her mom called the driver. He said he had dropped boss at the airport about six hours ago.

The airline staff called for their names.

A message beeped.

Her father had landed in Dubai. He had left them and moved to Dubai for a new life with his girlfriend.

She stood there, weeping. Fully knowing, that she didn't want to visit Disneyland ever in her life.


This post is written for the Project 365 program at We Post Daily aimed at posting at least once a day, based on the prompts provided.  The prompt for today is "No, Thanks - A destination you would never want to visit and why?".

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  1. Sugandha, Loved the take on this prompt. Even though it was a bit sad. But I guess the prompt was meant to be so. Thank you once again for taking part in the prompt :)

    1. Yes...Thank you for coming up with wonderful prompts. A prompt a car and a phone is what i need to write ;)

  2. Oh no :( that must have been so devastating :(

  3. What a googly at the end... Well written! :)

  4. what a twist on the prompt Sugandha!!
    Poor kid.. :-/
    how devastating it must have been!

  5. ouch!
    poor girl :(
    good take, sugandha

  6. Oh this was devastating! You know what, she and her mother should go to disneyland by themselves!

  7. That was a lovely take on the prompt.... had me glued till the last word...

  8. That's so the way you've woven the story...kept me hooked till the end. I was expecting a a way. symbolically, it was the death of a relationship and death of dreams...

    1. Thanks...when relationships die it is at times more hurtful than a real death.


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