Mar 3, 2014

And Blog Features - Aditi Kaushiva

The second featured blogger is here. Aditi Kaushiva is Noida based blogger, who’s never ending energy and enthusiasm motivates me at all fronts. In her own words she is a dreamer. A believer. An enthusiast.

Her reflective, motivational, fictional, travelogue and poetic writings can be found at

Here is a short interview of Aditi.  

You in one word (you can add why)-

One word to define me would be a 'believer'. Even in the darkest of hours, I see a glimmer of hope and positive light and I hold on to it. One should never stop believing that good things, better things are surely going to come their way. My husband calls me a hopeless optimist!

Tell us the story of Life is a journey - makeitbeauYOUtiful –

Haha :) actually there is no great story about how the blog started...It was in the middle of a bored night with a nudge from the husband that I clicked on blogger. And that was it! The name also just took a few seconds as I just wanted it to reflect the philosophy that YOU are the creator of your own life, so makeitbeaYOUtiful.
What I am really excited about is the story of this journey that is in the making- with each new post that I write I am not only discovering a new me but also connecting with so many fabulous bloggers across the globe.

What are your other passions except blog and books?

Dancing!! My love for dance started with the South Indian Classical form, Bharatnatyam. And currently I am embracing the western styles of Jazz, Contemporary and Modern. I am planning to (soon) teach dance to under-privileged and special/differently abled children.

One deep dark secret of your life

Sshhh not here! ;)

If you are stuck in deserted island and you can have just one thing from heaven, what is it?

A time machine ;)

Your dream destination – with whom, when and anything particular you would want to do there.

Beach, clear blue sky, sound of the waves and chirping birds, enthralling novel, lying on the hammock, pina colada, soft acoustic music. Alone or with husband...anytime and possibly everytime :)

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  1. Sugandha thanks a lot for featuring me on your space. I'm overwhelmed :) :) Love n hugs

    1. :) I love your blog truely and loved to feature you :)

  2. Nice. Lots of insight. And of course my two favorite bloggers :)

  3. Aditi's blog is wonderful na?! :)
    I enjoy reading her too!

  4. Aditi is a wonderful person, generous with her talent and time. Loved her interview.

  5. Recently discovered both your blogs via Write Tribe. Glad I did :)

    1. Shailaja so glad to connect with you too through WT...I'm sure you are going to discover some pretty amazing blogs in this group!

  6. Sugandha! I enjoy the feature interview of Aditi whom I love to read and must confess, it' a very unique way to shower love on the talented Aditi. Thumbs up:)

  7. Lovely interview and congrats to both of you. Sugandha, you doing a fab job and m not saying coz u featured me. Aditi is an inspiration and love how she writes to make a difference to the world:)


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