Jul 28, 2013

Mr. Blackpaws, cat or catalyst (the story from my game...lets weave a story)

So the expirement "The Game" has come to an end. (You can read the post explaining the game here)
As promised, I have complied the story and tried to link up the lines to the blog of authors. Most worked, some didn't. However, I have linked up the profile if nothing else.
At few places (precisely two) I have added a few words and striked off a few, so that the flow could continue...
With this I must say, we have had a wonderful story come up. Hope you like it too. Thank you all for participating. (I feared that it might not turn out to be more than a paragraph)
With that I present to you - Mr. Blackpaws, cat or catalyst (can't think of another title, if you have anything in more suitable please let me know)

The days of fun, joy and love. Three of us, Mr. Blackpaws, her and me had been living together for last five years. It was a complete family, with him as the child that we never had or could have. Now with one gone, I do not know will we both hold on to each other together for long. Someone suggested, it was just a cat, you can adopt other but we know there won’t be any other, there won’t be any us. We were even advised to adopt a kitten from the nearby pet store but the mere thought of replacing Mr. BlackPaws was an insult to his memory. So we went ahead and contacted an adoption center and in a few days, we the proud parent of tiny little 3 month old baby boy! We were so happy and ultimately I found peace.
That evening when she returned from her work the first thing she noticed was the gift and the placard. For a while it once again took us down the memory lane, years of losing Mr. Blackpaws, adopting Ryan and his growing up. I decided to place a call to Ryan next morning and then realized that I still didn’t have his new number.
 The phone rang. Long enough for the dial tone to get completed. But there was no answer. I wanted to try the number again but she stopped me. We both stood there, looking at the statue and it kept staring back at us. Slowly and steadily, we grew accustomed to its probing eyes. It no longer scared us. However, I still wanted to know where Ryan was, therefore I called his office to check.
It had been a big deal in those days, to come out of the closet and declare my homosexuality, but she had given me the strength to fight the world and that is when we had vowed to love each other and our child Ryan till the end of time. Together today, I know that Mr. BlackPaws, whichever world he might be and our son, Ryan are happy that we are together and wish the very best for us and somewhere deep inside me I know that Ryan must be fine too.


  1. What a clever idea to weave words together in the form of a story. Well done. Visiting from UBC.

  2. Wow..That is a very very Nice Read..Guess we formed a Pretty Nice Story..Kudos to all the Bloggers who contributed and Cheers to you Sugandha for this wonderful idea.. :-)

  3. Turned out well, didn't it.
    I'm glad I came across this experiment of yours and took part in it!
    Really glad. :D

  4. Who could think that a story could be weaved with comments :)

  5. It turned out pretty well. The string of thoughts worked out. What a lovely idea!



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