Jul 29, 2013

Aaj kal paon zameen par...feeling loved

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Ignited by the prompt, I here narrate a true account of a couple whom I know. It might be a bit dramatized but the situation and feelings are real. I would request your take on the situation and in my replies I’ll tell you the arguments that have been put forward.

Tring-Tring, the phone rang for the fifth time. It took all my will power once again to continue staring and not get up and answer. Finally it stopped.

Today is the third day I have managed to avoid him and his phone calls. Each day I sit with the phone in my hand at the usual time and stare at it while it rings till he gets exhausted.

Relationships are made up of weird emotions. Love is just one portion. The bigger portions are understanding, compromise, adjustments, habits, care, respect and trust.

I met him in an arranged marriage set up where my parents had done their due-diligence about his lifestyle before introducing me to him. I accepted him as my fate and agreed for the marriage. However, love was yet to happen.

In the short courtship two months courtship that we had, I began to like him, understand him a bit and got prepared for marriage. I got married and moved to his house away from mine and his parents.

In order to pass my time and contribute to the household I took up a job in the city. The salary was meager but the work pressure was a bit relaxed and flexible.

In next sixth months, we became friends, flat mates and lovers in bed. I learnt to say yes to him when he turned to me and curb my desires to feel loved otherwise.

We went shopping, movies and dinners that couldn’t be called as dates. We had few friends and relatives and we spent weekends in their company. Life was a balanced “What else you need? Love is a bullshit word” Good.

It was the eve of my sixth month anniversary when I first felt special. A call to get ready, flowers and a romantic date was my moment of love. I was content.

Next morning we started the usual schedule but in my heart I was delighted and it glowed on my face. That morning I took an extra look in the mirror, lined an extra line of kohl, sprayed an extra spray of perfume. I got compliments as soon as I entered office. I couldn’t concentrate…I was on cloud nine. I was in love.

I rushed back home earlier than usual, bought some flowers on the way, and a bottle of wine on an impulse. Reached home and unlocked it. Arranged the flower in the vase and kept the wine in the chiller. Chopped the vegetables and made the sauce. I made preparation for our favorite pasta and prepared the oven for baking the same. I took out some candles and laid the fine crockery. There was still a lot of time left, excitement at times really works and I had finished everything earlier than anticipated.

I stepped into shower and started to hum one of my favorite old tracks reflection my exact feelings…“Aaj kal paon zameen par nahi padte mere…” to be stopped in midsentence by the doorbell.

One, two, three and then the key turned in the lock. I rushed out of the shower and dried myself. I sprayed some perfume and picked my dress to wear. In next two minutes, after touching up make up I stepped out of my washroom to greet my husband.

Only to be greeted by his girlfriend in my bed in his arms.

That had nothing to do with my love for him. But the reason I am hiding at my friend’s place, without allowing him to contact me is because he broke my trust. He disrespected me, cheated on me and he didn’t care about my feelings. Love wasn’t there ever. Love isn’t there today too but the feeling of betrayal exists.


  1. He broke her trust and it has nearly killed her but she should now come out in the open. He has wronged and not she.

  2. Kalpana...actually it was a temporary hiding while she restored her energy for a long battle... however regrding doing wrong here is the argument...
    Men do that all the time, just accept it and warn him.
    Please note that these are not my arguments, these are by friends and family of her and his side.

  3. Do we get a sequel to this? One where she confronts him? Please?

  4. Agree to Smita's proposal. What happens next?

  5. Smita sadly it isnt a story. It was a real incident. The couple is filing for divorceBut if you want to know what happened after this, I will write about it.

  6. I don't know what to say about this. This is a story with a lot of others I know too, Sugandha. Its sad that she was cheated like this. If she has filed for divorce, then its good for her. Hope she finds peace.

  7. This is a very touching and all too common story. I look forward to reading more.

  8. How awful. You wrote this brilliantly. No wonder they are divorcing. A marriage can not continue when there is no trust.


  9. A touching story, narrated beautifully.

  10. lil senti...... but nicely narrated :)

  11. You have fictionalized a real event very nicely. Well written.

  12. the last line has said it all ---nice narration

    a similar story awaits your visit do read if and when you have the time


    thanks for visiting my story

  13. Its a real story and so the impact becomes greater. All I can say is I hope she gets the strength thats it.


  14. touching story. very well narrated.


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