Jan 15, 2014

What’s new in the store?

Alright! In case you haven’t noticed, I am back. Of course with me, back are the contests, stories, tales, rants and much more.

So what’s new with this return?

It sounds like a bit late to plan for 2014 but it’s just 15th day of the year and we still have 350 days to go.

I have been racking my brain for about two weeks to find out what’s the best way to do it and couldn’t find any. But what I could come up with were some plan and targets and of course some themes.

1. Richa did a travel week and I did a post for her. It was hilarious, and response I received was great. I guess I am going to do more of those. I will now have Travel tales on Thursdays. Alternate week, two tales a month, I am going to do about 20 tales in this year. And if you think you have got a tale to tell, please go ahead. Let me know and I will plan a guest post for you.

2. Tell a tale weekends is going to be a weekly feature. It is going to contain all my narrations based on prompts and contests. This is what my blog is and I will continue to do it.

3. And Blog features – is going to be pinned post for a month where a blogger friend will be interviewed and featured. Time to get some limelight all you guys there :)

4. I am also going to have a special section for the times When a non-blogger blogs. I have come across a few, and am sure you have too who read a blog and are inspired to write something. However, they aren’t ready to blog it yet. Please direct them to my blog. I have a space reserved for one post by a non-blogger guest per month.

Excited, aren’t you? Of course I am now going to write to you personally to be featured, write a guest post and various other helps. Wish you all a wonderful 2014.


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  1. Lots of excitement is planned for Shades of Life. Looking forward to a lot of action in 2014 on your blog, Sugandha :)

  2. Very exciting year ahead. And we'll be seeing a lot more of each other too :) Good luck!

  3. Wow.. lotsa stuff planned here... cool! Good luck :)

  4. I am already excited!! And you know after UBC I will be having my weekly themes back so this will be fun! We can do all sorts of fun activities then *dancing*


    1. Awesome :) I am looking forward to your weekly themes :)

  5. I am excited! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting plans for 2014! ♥

  6. ooh! Sounds brilliant! :)
    Looking forward to your 2014 here! :D

  7. Lovely will be happy to be part of this exciting Journey :)

  8. Wow Sugandha you are back with a bang!! Really excited for all that is going to happen here! :) :)


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