Oct 9, 2013

UBC Day 9 - Wedding - Part 8

This mail is continued from "Part 7 - Coping up".


One year ago – Deepti was rushing out of the parlour. She was late. Cursing under her breath she made her way to the car. After all who gets late for her own wedding?

She sat in the car, on her way to the venue, bundled with nervousness and anger at the parlour. It was her big day. Deepti hated the constant ringing phone while Ritika shouted at each and every caller with same answer. “Where is Priya? Where is her best friend?” Deepti wondered.

Calming her nerves down, Shriya asked Deepti to close her eyes and relax. But relaxing was almost impossible. She thought of Harsh’s comment from the function yesterday when he said that her make-up was too much. She absently touched her face and prayed that there was nothing wrong with her make up today.

“Forty minutes late” text from Harsh read as they parked the car and Deepti struggled to get out.

She walked up to the gate where ribbon cutting was in process. She stopped in her tracks when she heard someone cheering and teasing Harsh. Priya?? Her best friend was really there!

Suddenly all her worries disappeared and she took a confident step ahead.

Though it was her wedding she managed to give a quick hug to Priya before going ahead to the stage.

She looked at Harsh. He looked just awesome. She extended her hand to hold his for a minute. He looked at her and gave her a mock glare. She saddened.

Deepti didn’t have to be sad for long. Long queue of relatives from both sides kept coming up, cracking few jokes, livening up things, clicking pictures. 

After a while, she realized that she hadn’t seen Priya ever since the ribbon cutting. She asked one of her friends to ask Priya and Nitin to come up too. She replied, “But last I saw Priya, she was going out to the parking.”

“What is wrong with Priya? Is everything okay? She has to speak to her, but how?” Deepti thoughts were stopped short as some friends dragged the couple to the dance floor.

Where did Priya go? What's in the store for Deepti? Read more on Day 9.


  1. Oh!! Is Priya OK?? Why did she rush out!

  2. Its a horrible feeling To know that something is wrong...especially with s best friend..and not being able to Ask them what happened...Especially in this situation where she cant even excuse herself..well written

  3. Hey..Very nice story Sugandha...keep it up.. :)

  4. Not knowing what has happened to Priya will drive her and me crazy. Can't wait to find out what is next! Great story so far.

  5. Why she left??? Why why why. ..???


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