Oct 10, 2013

UBC Day 10 - Coming back - 9

Continued from Part 8 - Wedding

Priya had gotten back home almost after six months. Given the new conditions of her dad’s paralysis she had resolved to come back more frequently but her own life didn’t allow her to come back. She couldn’t have been a burden on her parents while grieving for her loss while her mother struggled to cope up with the new routine of nursing her father.

However, this was the occasion that she wouldn’t miss for anything. Keeping her problems aside, she had resolved to come back to India, an idea that her shrink excitedly supported. On her last meeting he had told her, “Priya leave your worries behind and go have the best of times. You need to spend time around people who love you.”

She was scared, but finally on the wedding day, she put together all her remaining savings and bought a last moment flight to India and managed to reach the venue just in time without getting a chance to go home.

She asked the driver to park in front of the house and got out. “Oh my god! Look who is here!” shrieked her brother and came running to help her with her bags.
Her mom seemed equally surprised but more because she was supposed to be at Deepti’s wedding. Mildly scolding, she asked “what are you doing here? You should have at least waited for her phera to start”
Priya cried, “Mom, I am home after six long months. And I couldn’t wait to see you. Plus, why didn’t you go? I thought I’ll meet you there. Had I known you won’t go, I would have come home first and then gone for her wedding.”
“Anyway fast, I have just come to drop my bags, say a hello to dad and go back. Yash can drop me. Do you want to come?” She continued towards dad’s room while gesturing Yash to keep her bags in her room and come back.
“No I don’t want to, plus your dad is sleeping, I want to be by his side in case he needs something.” Her mother pleaded.

Quickly changing her killing heels into flats she came out of her room. She wondered how six months ago she could dance all night in those.

When she walked back into the venue a very worried Ritika came rushing to her. She shouted, “Where did you go without meeting Deepti? She has been so worried. She is trying your number, she is in the room right now, went to get some rest while the preparation for phera were over.”

Priya hurried towards the direction Ritika rushed to.

What has happened with Priya in these six months? What is in the sore for the girls? Read more at Day 11.


  1. Ohk! That explains why Priya rushed from the wedding!!

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