Apr 6, 2014

An unexpected visitor?100 words on Saturday

She stepped out of shower and got into her night suit. She had had a long day and couldn’t wait to get into her bed. She double checked the door and walked to her daughter’s bedroom.

Anaya slept soundly. She bent down to kiss her daughter and adjusted her blanket. She felt that there was some moment behind her. Was it an unexpected visitor? No! She was alarmed.

She turned around to find nothing. Yet she heard a ruffle. She let out a slow scream.

Anaya mumbled, “Mommy! I bought a Cat home”. As if to agree, there came “Mewww!”


I woke up to the sound of doorbell. I have clear instructions to all that no one should ring a bell on Sunday morning.

I gingerly woke up and walked to the door. The bell rang for the second time. I shouted “Coming!” annoyingly and peeped through the peep hole. I didn’t see anyone.

I slowly opened the door. To my surprise, my sister jumped right in front of me. She had bought breakfast for us.

She helped me spread it and we sat there, eating, talking and enjoying Sunday. Who says an unexpected visitor is a problem? I don’t!

Linking it to Write Tribe's 100 words on Saturday # 10

One post for this awesome prompt just wasn't enough so I wrote two :)


  1. Te first one was truly scary yet interesting Sugandha.

  2. Two nice tales to start the day on a happy note

  3. Wow.. you had me scared initially at the first prompt and that turned to relief! And what a lovely take on the second one :D

  4. Sweet ones, and double joy, too !!!

  5. Love both your takes, Sugandha. How you coping with so many challenges at one time? I mean its amazing to juggle...I had to give Wednesday and ma fav 100 words a miss coz of A to Z.

    1. Thanks :) Planning my friend...most of my daily post are scheduled.

  6. Good ones.....Cheerful ones. Something different from the usual

  7. Very nice ones. I liked the first one more.

  8. Sugandha both stories are fantastic.


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