Mar 28, 2014

Today never comes!

Today I’ll begin writing my posts for A to Z challenge.”My last few days have been beginning with the same hopeful feeling. I wake up and I tell myself that today is the day when I need to do it.

However, today never comes. I know you are thinking that the saying is Tomorrow never comes, but that’s what the case has been with me for last few days. I convinced a few blogger friends to write a guest post for some days but that’s about it.

I at times wonder if I could use Procrastination as my middle name. Imagine how self-explanatory it will be if I called my self Sugandha Procrastinating Agrawal or if I called my blog Shades of Procrastinating Life.

But it doesn’t sound great does it? Therefore, today I did begin writing my first post. Having scheduled one, I feel good about it and realize that it isn’t too tough. But imagine what I scheduled first? I scheduled my post with Z. ;)

Yes! I am going last post first approach on A to Z because the second half of April is quite busy for me. Good luck to me because I am still stuck with several letters for which I can’t find a book, movie, place, website or brand to review.

In case you can think of a suggestion for the remaining letters, here are the ones you could suggest. “K – L – M – N – P – R – U – V – X – Y”
Better still, you could offer a guest post and I will be happily hosting your post on my blog. (You know where to find me)

Good Luck to all my co-bloggers in A to Z.

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  1. You can review the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott for L :) and maybe the movie The Parent Trap for P :)

    I've not read the book, but the movie is one of my favorites :D Hope you have a reviewful April, Sugandha.

  2. Go ahead start Sugandha...I'm sure you'll be able to write them all down in time...For U you can review the ebook Unsettled...

  3. It is good to be different starting from Z when everyone would be commencing from A.
    I see no signs of procrastination as I see updates of Shades of life almost daily!
    All the best for the challenge

    1. I get lazy by the end of the challenge...first few days are always enthusiastic...

  4. Good that you started with the posts, and from Z, which could be the most daunting one for many...Good luck with the challenge :)

  5. Well I know you are going to rock it. For Y you can try this website called yowoto it is a parental advice website, but damn good!



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