Mar 14, 2014

Lost earrings, lost love

I looked for my phone to check the time, but it wasn’t there. I left it on my desk while rushing for the meeting.

It must be exactly same time. There was no day in my life when I didn’t miss him. But today was special. This hour was special.

Many years had passed but the memory etched in my mind made it feel like yesterday, yet the longing felt like eternity.

I kicked off my heels as soon as I sat in his car, tied my hair and headed to take off my earrings before they began to irritate me. “So much to look pretty.” But it had paid off; he had been admiring me throughout the brunch. He had also said it in many words.

As I started to take my earrings off, I realized that the engine wasn’t running yet. I turned to him to see a look in his eyes that I didn’t recognize. He looked distant, somewhat lost. I stopped and asked him what happened.

What he replied rings in my ears every hour even after all these years. “Krisha, I can’t see you anymore. I am going to states for studies and dad wants me to settle there. Please don’t try to stay in touch.”

It seemed that he had stabbed me. His parents were forcing him to go to states ever since we finished college but I knew he won’t leave me and go. After all he knew I couldn’t leave the peripheries of our small town and he had already proposed me.

There could have been a logical explanation to it but I was too furious to listen. I picked my heels in my hand and got out of the car in half fury, half despair. I took an auto back home and locked myself in the room. It had taken him one sentence to end a relationship of five years. I chose to hate him. However a lonely note that was left in my inbox with apology and explanation stood to his defense each time. I continued to try to make that feeble attempt to hate him but continued to miss him and love him.

Even now, sitting in the meeting, my hands touched my ears as I remembered that I had left one of my earrings in his car in fury all those years back.

A loud noise bought me back to presence. My colleague filled in for my inquisitive looks. “It’s someone’s birthday in Ramit’s department. Some new joined.” I nodded and diverted my attention to the laptop at which I pretended to stare when I day-dreamed.

It was lunch when we ended the meeting. Despite my troubles with concentrating, I was happy that I was busy today. Being free meant getting emotional once again. Thanking God for keeping me busy on this day, I returned to my desk.

A piece of cake was kept next to my phone on my desk. I headed to pick it up, knowing office boy must have kept it. But as I reached out to the plate, I saw that earring placed next to the plate.

I looked up to find those same distant looks.
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This post is piece of fiction.

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  1. Wow, this one was truly amazing! Lost love found. Yayyyyyyyy! :D

  2. A good one but was it that easy to convince his parents so soon or was he kidding her

  3. Nice take on the prompt.. Made me go ..."Aww...."" :) :)

  4. Beautiful story...while it was sad that she had to go through all the pain initially, it's likely he felt it too...

    1. Some of the best things in life are appreciated when they are hard to achieve...don't they?

  5. Nice one :) Was wondering if she lands there or he would come back.. :)

  6. It had amazing end Sugandha, I always tell you, your art of writing stories is quite amazing :-)


    1. Your art of wonderful comments is quite amazing ;)

  7. Beautiful Sugandha...sweet ending!

  8. Lovely, really lovely how you managed to bring all the elements together at the very end


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