Oct 26, 2013

Where is the A? Winner announced :D

Remember “Where is the A?” I am sure you do. If you don’t I am slightly disappointed but I will still give you the link to go through it, before you continue here. Click here to read “Where is the A?”

Well I had a great fun playing the little game. Didn’t you? Some of you came up with real innovative sentences and others did some highly intellectual write ups.

In last two weeks, I have read through the comments several times, laughing away to glory at the wittiness of the people around me. I loved it and am sure my judge also did.

It is time to announce our winner – there were a couple of guesses but the winning entry is –

“Life goes on without the letter which begins the string of letters just like it never ever existed, not being missed even once while typing out this sentence, induces one to think we need to look into life from other corners.”

It is done by Aswathi Jerome, popularly known as Pins and Ashes. She has a wonderful blog with the name Vaayadi Pennu ;)
Well, I don’t let my winners go so easily. Therefore, I have asked Aswathi some questions. Here they are –

1. Why the name Pins and Ashes?
2. We know you have an awesome blog. What is it that you love to blog about the most?
3. Do you have a facebook page that we can like?
4. Do you like reading? Blogs or books, your choice?
5. Your top 5 blogging friends?
6. You top 5 favorite blogs? (if possible, give us the link too.)
7. We know that you are awesome at contests and prompts. Anything that you would like us to write about? (in case you have any I will put up a linky)
8. Why the name pins and ashes?
9. Can we please have the link to your favorite post from your blog.
10. A bit more about family, friends and life off blog, if you like.

I am sure we will soon come back with an answer to above questions.

Aswathi here is your button - *Drum rolls please*


  1. Awesome winning entry! Congratulations Aswathi :)

  2. cool n fun idea.. oops i missed it :(

  3. Hey Sugandha, I'll be back with the answers soon .. :) and lovely button .. Thank you peeps

  4. Wowie! The great coloniser A has been left out. I remember reading somewhere about someone who wrote an entire novel without the letter E. Time for learning new words and burying the oft used ones. Congratulations, Ash.

    Joy always,


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