Oct 15, 2013

Blog for a cause - 2

My Dear Blogger Friends,

Blog for a cause is back. I know that many of us are in middle of UBC and other daily challenges, and it might be really tough for you to write a post.
On the other hand, for many of you, it might be an additional prompt to attempt while you are at UBC.

However, the purpose of Blog for a cause is very simple. It is to rise awareness among fellow bloggers about cause that you really feel for.

Be it child education, corruption, adult education, dowry, poverty or any other that is less heard off. Let others know of the cause that you would like to work for. You might educate someone and actually build up a way to support the cause.

Also, feel free to write about a civil society/NGO which you think is doing a good job.

The linky will be open till 8th November, 2013.


  1. Hey, this is a really nice initiative..

  2. Awesome! I will be back with the post! :) :)

  3. Great initiative, need of the hour. Though I haven't blogged specifically for a cause with hyperlinks but I wrote a poem on Child brides, let me know if it can be linked to your blog. Thanks
    My poem


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