Jul 5, 2013

When you say nothing at all…its dangerous :p

Phone rings -
“What’s wrong?”
“Are you crying?”
“Why are you talking to me in mono syllables?”
“Am not”
“Baby, tell me is something wrong?”
“Honey, is something bothering you?”
“Please honey, tell me what’s wrong? When you say nothing at all it scares me. Are you okay? Have I done anything wrong? (Sob sob) Have I hurt you? Are you mad at me? (sob sob)”
“Honey please don’t feel bad,(sob sob) I am sorry, I am sorry that I met him,(sob sob) I shouldn’t have, don’t leave me, please talk to me (sob sob)”
“Am just finishing my game, let me call you back…wait a minute - What did you say? Whom did you meet? Why? Why didn’t you tell me? Get lost…I don’t want to talk to you”
Phone disconnected.

(This post is written for WOW at blogadda.com)


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