Feb 9, 2014

When a non-blogger blogs - A stranger and the feelings

Remember that Shades of Life welcomed all non-bloggers to share their feelings? Here we are with our first guest.

Jyoti Bhavsar my colleague and friend - decided to share her poem with  me for all of us.

I'd say Jyoti is one who take life heads-on as it comes. She is bright and bubbly. Recently she decided to give away her Mumbaikar badge and joined us Delhiites. She wants to write her feelings with her pen-name Angel

Here is A Stranger and the feelings by an Angel.

He talked about the distance,
He maintained between the two people,
But i wish he could have felt the,
Pure feelings and her amazing soul …..

He always took everything practically,
Because he seems to be a practial fool,
Or he is scarded of love, and just ignores
With fear of losing life goal….

The world is full of love, but….
Heart knocks only some doors,
By mistake if it knocks the wrong,
Then just love the moment and move on…

I am happy that he is genuine and honest,
I want him to be happy and great as always,
His smile is birhgt to make someone smile,
May god bless him and his beautiful life.


Did you just loved the concept? Know someone who would love to write once in a while? Guests are always welcomed at Shades of Life. Drop me a line at sugandha118@gmail.com and I would love to share your thoughts here. You can also ping me on facebook or leave a comment.

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