Oct 27, 2013

UBC Day 27 - Come back - 25

Continued from Day 26 - Proposal

Priya called up Sushant and told him about her meeting with Deepti and someone whom she was bringing along. She asked him to pick her up in about half an hour and entered the café.

Upon seeing Deepti alone, Priya raised her eyebrow and walked up to her.

She had so much to tell her. Last two days, Sushant’s proposal and her own reaction, she needed her best friend to talk to.

Deepti seemed nervous. Priya questioningly looked at her, but she nodded in negative and called for a server. After asking for coffee, Deepti turned in her chair and began uncomfortably “Priya, someone wants to meet you. He says he wants to apologize.”

“Who?” Deepti’s worried looks and these puzzled statements frustrated Priya.

Before Deepti could reply, Priya turned to see Nitin standing behind her.

A shock enveloped her. Priya just sat there looking at him, while he came across and took a seat. Deepti got up and left. Her senses didn’t work. She couldn’t understand that why had her friend supported Nitin of all people.

Nitin sat there, waiting for Priya to respond. She was so numb that she couldn’t comprehend.

“How are you?” Nitin began after a long silence.
“What do you want?” Priya had no time for him or his non-sense.
“Did you get my mails?” He seemed to be adamant.
“Yes, and read about your engagement too.” Priya was surprised at her own bitterness.
It was Nitin’s turn to get shocked. “But Priya I wrote you more mails. Didn’t you read those?”

Priya had no intention of letting him talk more. She got up and moved out of the café. She had just stepped out when she saw Sushant coming.

“Ah! Priya, I thought I was early, but I was already in this area so thought I will say hello to Deepti too…” his voice trailed off as he registered Priya’s ashen expressions.

Before he could continue, he saw Nitin coming behind her. He walked up to them, and pulled her around to face him.

“Where is my daughter?” Nitin asked. 


  1. Oooh!! What a meeting!! Cant wait for the next chapter!!

  2. What will she reply now? waiting for the next part and her reply.

  3. What is she going to decide finally! I am guessing there was more of Nitin's story in the emails she didn't read. :(

    1. Yes of course...which she didnt read...

  4. Holy crap! What next! I bet she is freaking out to know he knows about their child. I can imagine the shock and fear on her face. I can feel her heart racing and plummeting into her stomach.. I am on pins and needles to see what is going to happen next. How will she respond?? This is an amazing story. Truly amazing. ♥


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