Sep 13, 2013

100 word fictions - coloured stories

When I saw her she was going red with heat and rage. Shouting in the support of labor union she stood with in front of a crowd of 1000 grey uniformed workers.

I feared the next step as they burnt down the blue flag of the company.

Being the head of white collar employees as I stepped in front of them, the crowd rushed ahead. I tried to duck behind my black SUV but one wave of her hand hushed the crowd.

I stood there mesmerized, for my daughter at such young age stood against her own father’s ill deeds.


He was blue with cold. Gritting his teeth, he knocked against the glass. In his hand was small pink doll. My daughter shrieked as soon as she saw it. She wanted it in no time. Looking at tears in her pretty green eyes I couldn’t say no to buy.

As soon as I stepped in front out, she shouted from behind, “dad, my doll has a red button”

“What is with you shouting all the time?” I turned while shouting back to look at her as she pressed the button.

A blast sound and everything turned into black smoke.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


  1. WOW! both are good ones but loved the first one.

  2. Awwww...y'know I got a shocker reading the second sad :(

  3. both are very interesting...unique too

  4. wow...was hooked to the both...wonderful strong writing.

  5. Wow that was well written..nice post

  6. That was a Wow post indeed.. :)

  7. Very creative. The second was so very shocking!


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