Jun 20, 2013

Woman to Women - If you ring the bell, your men will!!

It was eleven in the night, I called up 100. Ever since I arrived in Delhi, I have read about Delhi Police and how 100 would help.

There were two drunken men at my door. I lived alone in an apartment in Rajinder Nagar and was somewhat confident in my own ways. I moved in and out of that apartment every day for last six months and these men noticed.

They ran a car repair shop close by. I often crossed their place to get to the main road. This particular evening when my auto guy decided to drop me at main road, I walked past their shop to reach home. As I reached around the corner, I noticed these men following. I fumbled for keys as I walked and opened and slid inside as quickly as possible. I was just in time to lock the door but that didn’t budge these men.

After I dialed 100 and gave my details, I waited. Nothing happened for next 10 minutes. My door bell was constantly ringing and door was constantly banged. I called up my neighbor. No answer. I called up second, same.

I peeped from window, I saw a kid bring his mom to a window and show her the two men. I screamed “Bhabhi please bhaiya ko bolo inko yahan se hatayenge” and she walked away.

I kept waiting and praying that nothing happens. I saw one of the going. I called up a friend and asked him to come over. I was slightly positive as one had left.

My hope was short lived. He returned with tools. Still no sign of police, I was panicking. I called up the number again.

The men worked on the door. I locked myself in the room, and prayed and called anyone and everyone I could think of. A friend’s friend answered. He was close by; he came in 10 minutes later with a few friends.

Thanks to their drunken state that the men couldn’t get the door. Those were the scariest 10 minutes of my life. Police arrived almost at the same time. I changed my house one month after the incident.

My question – Why didn’t my neighbors agree to help? All they had to do was open their doors and question those men. Why didn’t a woman felt other woman’s misery? All she had to do was to ask her husband and her father in law.

Their answer, “We are sorry, we couldn’t do much. We weren’t sure that it was serious. Kuch hua nahi na, thank God…” Behind my back, they said, “She must be doing something wrong to get their attention (they couldn’t say clothes as I was salwar”

We blame the police. I know police is slow. I should be blaming them too. But panic, mixed with difference in understanding makes it difficult for the department to be everywhere.

As a woman, I request women, to please not be prejudiced about someone’s situation. Please come forward for help. It doesn’t take much you know. Men will ring the bell, if you let them. Don’t stop your men from going forward to help a woman in need.

It’s not a man issue, it’s not a woman issue. It’s our issue. Let’s stand together. Lets ring the bell.


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  2. I am totally agree with you. It's our issues. There is a big problem in our society, men & women both don't react till they taste the same. Police should act fast, even after lot of incident, they r lazy, and nobody care. Therefore we should come out for our society.


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